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Dr. Gregory Matthew Xanatos
Enginez Deviant
The guyís house
ARPers: Sabi (Amiel) Velo (Simon, Daniel) Winter (The Roses)

Great. Now I was pushed up against a wall by a little girl orders of magnitude stronger than I was. Not only that, but the allies I was supposed to be making were all suspicious of me. While I was trying to come up with a way to put their worries to rest, my larynx and tongue decided to, upon seeing my foot in my mouth, conspire to shove it down my poor esophagus.

ďFor crying out loud, if youíre going to be paranoid, at least be thorough about it. Through your halfassedness, you missed no less than seven ways I could have killed, disabled, or captured everyone in that truck between the time you got out and the time you decided get all scawwyyyy.Ē Of course I had to use the patronizing baby voice, because I wasnít already Mariana Trench deep in my own crap already,ĒI mean, how do you know I donít have a knife in my sleeve? Or a a gun in my lab coat? Or even explosives on my person?Ē All these were, of course, true, but I knew I wasnít going to use them against her.

I was still rebooting the connection between my brain and my speech when I heard the mechanicís remark and Supergirlís reply. I instantly put cheer into my voice as I said,ďThatís good; I wouldnít want my life to change too much. And itís appropriate, too; I really wouldnít mind if basically everyone on Earth dropped mysteriously, so rest assured that I really donít like any of you either. Itís not personal, though. Now, with this piece of information, you may wonder why I seek an alliance with people, and why I decided to curse YOU with my presence. Well thatís simple: while I donít like you, I must confess a certain loathing for the Wicked Apathetic Evilness that transcends my normal dislike for humanity. I mean they keep me from pacing! How dare they keep me from my pacing?! So as long as youíre working to make them all die, suffer, and die, Iím perfectly fine with working with you, kinda like most people wear socks when their feet are really cold even though theyíre slippery and stifling.Ē

ďNow, as to how I know your names Over There. Thatís simple, really: you told me. Granted, it was in the Land of Dreams, but that doesnít change the fact that it was you who told me. Iíve always wondered about the differentiation between Sona and person, in fact: what are we if not our thought, and what are our Sonas if not their epitome?Ē

Aheolus (or however you spell it), Nexen
ARPers: No, Dos, that level of egotism is NOT allowed.

I heard the girls in the trio making smartass remarks, and I was about to demonstrate that living with an Engine in your head made you a master at them when V spoke, mentioning something about... warmth in the stones?

Warmth in the stones? I thought to myself. I could barely believe it, until I reached out with my telekinesis and felt the rocks in my mind. I didn't move them: it was like putting a hand on something. Sure enough, the rocks were warm. Far warmer than the environment. I began thinking aloud, hoping the others might be able to pick something that would fit from the ideas I was tossing out as they formed.

"I primarily hung around in Enfin, so I can't really say with confidence how things work in Aheolus. I've seen Sonas with enough power to make the air around them warm, but if that was the answer, our bodies' heats would have altered the temperature now. It's as though there's a huge reservoir of substance at that temperature around the stones, geothermal?, but obviously we're lifting them up without a temperature change, so that isn't it. Perhaps something is continuously pumping in power at the same rate as the stones are losing it? But that's a waste of energy. A lot of it." I thought of something that Doc was bouncing around a few weeks ago,"Guys, my Deviant likes to study Nexen in his spare time. He has a whole hidden library on the subject. Not all in one place, though." And definitely not in his house. He'd been preparing for capture for a while, out of sheer paranoia than anything else, and he did NOT need those found,"He said that it's theoretically possible to construct a place as a Sona. He mentioned though, that it would take quite a bit of power to do it, because the Sona would have to be large enough to be immobile. That amount of power could be radiating from the stones the Sona is rooted in. But why would anyone want to deliberately make an immobile Sona? It takes a lot of power for not much of a benefit. Unless you count control of the area it's in. Well, the area it IS. Hmm..."

Michael Mikulak
Tungz Deviant
WAE HQ Interrogation Room #44
ARPers: Velo (Teri)

I was actually awake before I was awake.

You may wonder what I mean by that. It's simple, really. I feigned sleep after I woke up from getting knocked out to ensure that I had my emotions under control before I spoke, then to observe Teri (if only through hearing) recover and form a plan as to how exactly I was going to strike next.

In case you're wondering, the emotion I was trying to conceal was not rage. It was glee. Now, I was only twelve, so let me assure you that I had no sexual tastes yet, masochistic, sadistic, or otherwise. But that didn't mean I couldn't be happy with the fact that Teri had walked right into my emotional trap. Rule number one of interrogations: always remain in control of your emotions. You lose that, you lose. End of story.

When I was under control and my head stopped thumping wildly, I pulled myself up and into my chair. I studied Teri, and I noticed she was acting as though nothing had happened. As though she was the one still in control.

I was going to shatter that delusion right about... now.

"Miss Maverick, you just came in here, all gung-ho, trying to act like your normal arrogant despicable self. But Teri," I twisted the word into something sickly sweet,"if a couple of notes from a child whose specialty isn't even music brought you to your knees, what would songs, PLURAL, do to you? You say that if I sing again, you'll break everything I don't need to speak. But here's the thing: if I can speak, I can sing. And if I sing, guess what I'm going to do when singing has already proven to be so effective? Oh, not now. I just need to wait. Now, since you have done me the courtesy of dropping the act, Miss Maverick, I will do you the same kindness. You see, I'm not like most Devs. Most Devs think, no, HOPE, that the WAE can be redeemed. But I am of the firm opinion they can't. You know why? Because to be able to redeem something, it has to be human. And there are no humans among the WAE, only vermin, to be exterminated. I think I've been doing a pretty good job as an exterminator so far. What say you?Ē

Me, vicious? Never.

Colossus Sona
Engineerís Place, Enfin
ARPers: Velo (Engineer), Winter indirectly (Aerys and 13)

I came from the lines holding my arm.

I donít mean I was holding it like a baby. I mean I was holding it, in my other hand, because it had fallen off.

On the other hand, I was happy. I had just come back from a raid, and killed about 15 WAEs. Not my best, but not bad, either. I still felt like crap, though. I mean, I was falling apart. Not joking. My leg was about to come off due this one snakeís bite, and if I wasnít a machine, I would have passed out from the pain and the poison. But at least the fight was fun.

Hopefully, the Engie would be able to patch me up. At least, heís done it the past five times Iíve lost limbs. Heh. Once, he even made me a new one. I donít think he was happy about it, though. Michael wasnít. Michael told me to stop acting like an idiot every time I fight. I told him that I fought in the only someone should fight: with pure rage. I told him that when I fought, I didnít need to think.

The brat said that that was good, since I didnít know how to think. I was annoyed, but didnít talk to him further about that.

ĎCourse, that was weeks ago. Now the brat was fighting his way, with his words. Words. Never cared much for Ďem. I just prefer to bash heads. You canít talk if you donít have a head.

I barely made it into the workshop before my leg fell off and I fell on my ass. I then waited for the guy who was gonna fix me up.

OoC: Leeroy's post was annoying. I had to make an active effort to dumb down my words. Michael's given the pass that his mother would always use big words, so he picked them up, but Leeroy's kinda dumb. Not a complete idiot, but he doesn't exactly read Dr. Zhivago in the original Russian in his spare time either.
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