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Default Let's Welcome Our New Trivia Moderator!

You may know her from the Gotta Catch 'em All series, or from aiding CM in destroying the members in Members VS Staff, Eternal Moonlight!

This Rumoured Canadian, commonly knows as Jaye, has been appointed to a one month trial period in the Trivia Section! Now along with Neku and I, she'll be aiding with the progression of the section!

Jaye's job is organization! If you need some posts removed, some threads deleted, or some games added, etc, then she's the one to call! Jaye will be keeping our Directory up to date and patrolling threads for clutter. She works at a library, so this is her forte!

Again, let us all welcome the new Junior Games Moderator, Jaye! Welcome to the team!

~Typhlosion Explosion - Head Trivia Moderator
~Neku Sakuraba - Senior Trivia Moderator
~Eternal Moonlight - Junior Trivia Moderator