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Default Re: Andromeda Town

Name: Artemis
Party: Eevee
Currently: Going to Cobalt's house

Staying home and listening to her mother's advice would probably have been the safest and smartest course of action. However, it wasn't like her to just stay put when things were going down, and this was no exception. It was really easy as well, being that the older woman was calling from work and could do little to stop her daughter from heading out.

Of course though, the dark brunette wasn't rash to the point of going out on the routes while this was going on. Besides, leaving without Cobalt when they agreed to go together was out of the question. It simply was.

That is why she found herself en route to his house. It wasn't too far away, but enough for her to get a good blast of the vibes floating about. They were tense and uneasy, almost mirroring her mother's tone on the phone. It was obvious this was the reason the roads were so barren, people taking shelter indoors. Artemis, despite thinking it a few times, never turned back.

Eevee, on the other hand, the girl had kept inside the Pokéball.

The front door to Cobalt's house was almost as familiar as her own. It was locked right now, however, probably due to this darkness. She had to knock a few times before his mom opened the door.

"Oh, it's you" the woman exclaimed, and when on a little about it not being safe out and coming wasn't the safest of options. Artemis only nodded, knowing that was the fastest way through it. She knew Cobalt's mother pretty well by this point.

"What matters is that you're safe. You should probably stay until the darkness clears" she concluded.

"I will" Artemis affirmed with a slight nod before heading for Cobalt's room.

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