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Default Re: Andromeda Town

Name: Cobalt
Party: Ralts
Currently: wanting to get out of here!

I heard my door open, and turned away from the computer to see Artemis at my bedroom door.
"So you decided to wait." I laughed, then continued. "I have read up on this, and everybody is as clueless as I am. Nobody knows whats going on."
"If things don't go right soon, we may never leave." I thought.
The depressing silence from the news of our postponed journey was broken by Ralts saying hello to Artemis. I had forgotten he was sitting on the desk. He had been silently playing with one of my pencils. I lifted him off the desk and he walked towards Artemis with a smile.
"I think he likes you." I laughed.
"Hopefully things will be normal tomorrow."
I looked out the window, and saw it was darker than usual. It must be getting late. I looked at the clock and saw it was 8pm
"Maybe you should stay the night. I have all my stuff packed, so if things are normal tomorrow we can leave nice and early. You can stay here, I will just crash on the couch. Whataya say?" I asked. All I knew was I wanted to leave.

Side note: EM and I have allowed minor bunnying due to traveling together. In this post, I am letting her make the conversation decisions ha ha

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