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Default Re: Does pop culture deserve serious study?

Originally Posted by Operative View Post
Green Day wasn't good to begin with.

But in general, there is no real correlation between the quantity of your fanbase and the quality of your music.
Opinions are funny

Originally Posted by Teddiursa of the Sky View Post
Oh, indeed they did. That's what I am saying about artists. They change because they grow popular.

Green day merely tried a different style. And hey, some people liked it. Sure the old fans were a bit "meh" about it but instead of doing more of the same, whats wrong with a fresh new style?

People spend too much time comparing "old to new" but realistically if you were just a huge fan you wouldn't need to compare but love them for what they are and what they stand for.

Also pop culture in schools is kinda meh since we learn enough just by living.
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