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Default Bronies and Anti-Bronies

So recently over the past year or two there has been a vast explosion of the show MLPFIM and it's becoming quite a staple on popular culture.My opinion on it is that it's fine in moderation and really I have no problem with it.What I do have a problem with is stupid kids in the back of my college class asking my professor which pony is his favorite like it's the funniest thing and then getting upset when people ask him politely to quiet down.There's a point where people need to draw the line,honestly if you're walking around Disney with a freaking twilight sparkle plushie getting pictures with it and looking like a 40 year old pedophile that lives with his mother.I can understand why people put such a stigma on it.Honestly it's creepy it really is and its not so much the general fan-base that bothers me as much as it is the bronytards.Every single thing is pony meme pony meme love and tolerance blah blah blah.

So basically the general question here up for discussion is,
To brony or not to brony that is the question.



Hey I'm no angel, or the devil of your conscience to tell you who to be... good, bad, ugly or otherwise.

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