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Trainer: Zayna
Currently: Um... what?

I watched in amazement as the Emissary finally revealed themselves; they... they were Pokemon! I couldn't recognize what they were--but I got the feeling that this was the first time I had ever seen this species. My mouth gaped open as I watched the curious creatures drift through the air around us, informing us of our grand mission. The ground trembled as a massive crystal heaved up into the air.

Demonstrate love...? But... how?

I looked down at Blaze. The Charmander was gazing at the crystal in complete awe. Sensing my glance, however, he shifted his blue eyes to mine. A spark of determination ignited in his eye. I could tell that he trusted me--that he had faith in me. Steeling up my own determination, I nodded at him. Taking my Poke Balls, I held my other team members close to my heart.

"We can do this," I muttered to myself as I turned to face the crystal.

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Trainer: Neku Sakuraba
Party: Luxio, Bachuru, Derpina
Location: ...

"Demonstrate love, huh?" Neku says out loud, then remembering Zayna is right there. "Excuse me for a second..." He walks over to somewhere where the Unown quantity is large. A purple light escapes Neku, turning him green. It's now Quinn's turn.

"What...just happened?" he asked himself. He walks over to where Zayna is standing. He then asks, "Who are you?"
"What?" I stared after orange-hair boy after he excused him. When he didn't answer, I called after him, "Where are you going?"

I tried to keep an eye on him, but he was walking straight into the thickest part of the Pokemon swarm. Something seemed to flash there, but I just couldn't see clearly. Suddenly, another boy started approaching me--from where the other guy had been.

He glanced about in confusion before asking me, "Who are you?"

I blinked once or twice, wondering where that other kid had gone. "Er... Zayna...?" I managed a reply once I worked through my confusion.