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Default Re: Your B2/W2 Team!

My team at the mo...

Danton/Zoroark (M)
Lv. 62 Illusion
- U-Turn
- Focus Blast
- Dark Pulse
- Flamethrower

Minyades/Crobat (F)
Lv. 60 Inner Focus
- Brave Bird
- Roost
- U-Turn
- Super Fang

Draconia/Dragonite (F)
Lv. 62 Inner Focus (will swap for Multiscale when I have a DW one)
- Thunderbolt
- Dragon Pulse
- Thunder Wave
- Flamethrower (to be replaced with Hurricane)

Aquareon/Vaporeon (M)
Lv. 63 Water Absorb
- Surf
- Ice Beam
- Wish
- Aqua Ring

Lv. 62 Guts
- Close Combat
- Megahorn
- Stone Edge
- Earthquake

Lv. 62 Synchronise (will swap for Magic Guard when I get one)
- Psychic
- Shadow Ball
- Energy Ball
- Calm Mind

The team works really well in game, and has great coverage, however I am not a huge fan of Minyades, she just never performs as well as I would like her to (probably because of the recoil). I was thinking of swapping her out for Gliscor with Poison Heal, so that I still have a solid fighting-type counter. However, if I do that I will probably get rid of Draconia as I don't like the idea of having 2 pokemon that are 4x weak to ice... Any ideas as to what I should sub in for her? I would ideally like an electric type with volt switch, so I was thinking about Electivire as I haven't raised one before. Thoughts?

- ND
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