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Name: Zetsu
Currently: Battling Shadows alongside everyone.

As The Emissary dispersed, the shadows came pouring in, like the floodgate of darkness had been shattered, and Zetsu's eyes begin to glow with anticipation, as several shadowy figures appear to hover infront of him.

"let's rock, Gallade and Ariados!"

The two pokemon jumped out of their pokeballs, raring to battle.

Zetsu looked down at his two partners, as they looked back at him, then they all smiled.

"Let's begin with Swords Dance, Gallade! - Ariados, Begin with Night Slash!"

Gallade began an intimadating, entrancing dance, harshly boosting his attack, while Ariados covered himself in a shadowy mist and slashed away at the shadow apparitions

"Keep it up guys, they're on the defensive!" Zetsu shouted, the dance nearing an end, Gallade now preparing to go on the offensive.

"Now, Gallade, Night Slash as well!"

Gallade followed Ariados's movements, slashing away at the apparitions as well, getting the upper hand quickly.

Seeing Gallade and Ariados working in perfect harmony with each other, a heartwarming smile ran Zetsu's lips, ever so proud of his team....

"God work my friends, I'm so proud of you!" he said faintly, still concentrating on the battle at hand...
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