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Default Re: The Epic Battle Game

The legends. Mew, Mewtwo, Lugia, the lati@s, deoxys, Jirachi and the lake trio use the psychic powers to levitate the enemies ito te air. The birds and beasts freeze, electrocute and burn them whilst they are stuck. Groudon uses an instant solar beam with his drought, and Kyogre uses icebeam. Ho-oh resurrects the dead so they are killed again, and the Regis lock them away in their caves. Dialga and celebi then goes back in time to kill the mothers of most of them, and palkia teleports some to space. Giratina takes some to the distortion world, while rotom takes lawnmower form and runs them over. Heatran creates a volcano around them, while Manaphy and Phione cheer them on. Darkest traps them in a nightmare and cresselia doesn't stop him. Shaymin crushes them with flowers. Missing anyone else except unovans because I don't like them.

Legends vs Jackie Chan

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