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Zetsu saw that Sarah was having alittle trouble fending off the horde, and decided to run to her aid. he called Gallade and Ariados back to their balls, and rushed to her swiftly, reaching her oddly, just moments after he began running...

"I'd have come sooner if i knew we were so close... oddly enough i can't hear a thing in this mist" He explained to sarah, reaching for his pokeball, once again.

"Come on out, Gallade! Help out Aster and Crescendo with Psycho Cut!"

Gallade began to throw Psionic waves out at the Shadowry figures, that were begining to overwhelm Aster and Crescendo..

"Good work, Gallade, keep it up!" he then looked over at Sarah, showing slight evidence of strain...

"Sarah, got any ideas on how to quickly dispose of these shadows/ I'll hold them off as long as I can!" he said to her, before looking bac kat the battlefield, concentrating on the battle, now with even more shadows reappearing, including the ones he was battling earlier.

"Come out out, Ariados! Scary Face!" He shouted, as Ariados pops out, the markings on his back glowing in the mist, making the apparitions flinch...
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