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Default Re: Journey from the Valley Discussion and SU

Question, is this RP still mostly live and are SUs still open? Thanks in advance. (Will use this post as my character sheet if things are still open).

Name: Lana

Species: Sawsbuck

Gender: Female

History: A mother who had lost her husband and child during the raid on The Valley by Firestorm. She is still spending time grieving for her lost family. She herself grew up alone. She stumbled upon the valley while she was scavenging for food. Always mature for her age, she was able to talk well with the village residents to be allowed a place to stay. She was described by the residents of The Valley as hard working, resourceful, brave, and quiet. She had grown to maturity from a Deerling to a Sawbuck in the valley. From there, she eventually had a mate and child who she cared for greatly. The raid by Firestorm was a total shock on her and her family.

During the confusion, she was separated from her husband and child. Assuming the worst, she sunk into depression. During the time outside the valley to the present, she had met up with an orphaned Spinda who goes by the title of Screwball, her true name remains unknown to Lana.

Lana had chose to take in the Spinda due to the familiarity of being an orphan herself. She thinks the Spinda as weird and agrees that Screwball is a fitting name. She takes extreme care of Screwball and refuses to let Screwball leave her sight or side.

Personality: As mentioned, she has always been described as hard working, resourceful, brave, and quiet. As of the most recent turn of events, she has become very over-protective of the people around her as well. Screwball, will describe her as a super guardian, like in the stories Lana will tell. It has been arguable that Lana doesn’t give Screwball enough freedom, though it is somewhat accepted that she is concerned about losing Screwball the same way she lost the rest of her family. She has a tendency to be very critical and stubborn when deciding on a new course of action.

Appearance: She is slim for Sawsbucks and fairly small. Her fur has begun to gray at her snout. Leaving a streak going from her nose, between her eyes, and down to the back of her neck. Her muscles have also began to noticeably lose tone. Despite this, she still maintains a great deal of energy and strength to fight. Her eyes appear jaded though glisten with a great deal of care, particularly for Screwball.

================================================== ===================

Name: Screwball

Species: Spinda

History: Not a lot is too well known about Screwball’s history. She was orphaned though and is not originally from The Valley. After the chaos of leaving The Valley, Lana had found her amongst the herd. Not recognizing her as anyone from The Valley, Lana took her in as her own to cope with the recent loss of her family.

Although not too many Valley refugees know much about Screwball’s past, including Lana, Screwball spent a great deal of time stumbling around the surrounding landscape looking for food. Screwball never made friends, seeing no real desire to do so. She acquired the name Screwball due to her being directly responsible for the destruction of some villages outside the valley. It isn’t necessarily that Screwball is an evil sort either. Screwball just happens to make many mistakes. She demolished a Village of Nincada with an unintentional landslide during her time stumbling about. She demolished a Bidoof dam while searching for food. She had even managed to block up a widely used caved by tripping on a rock.

Screwball, acquired her name because of the many problems she has caused to various Pokemon. Some have even began to see her as a harbinger of misfortune. She is still young however and has been purposely been keeping her history of mishaps a secret, even from Lana. She has the intent to keep from causing anymore screw-ups. However, she has the habit of pulling pranks on Lana. Some of which are downright dangerous.

Personality: Screwball is not very loud however she is a chatterbox, particularly to people who she see’s do not obviously talk much. Screwball, is something of a sociopath, feeling no remorse about any troubles she had caused while stumbling about and even takes pride in her name Screwball. Though she has no evil intent, her mischievous behavior may sometimes suggest otherwise. Her pranks would include setting traps, particularly for Lana. At this point, most of her pranks have ended with food striking Lana in the face. After, Lana would give stern lectures over the waste of food. Screwball isn't necessarily someone to be trusted, even though she has no evil intent. She is certainly someone to watch.

Appearance: She is certainly not too different from any other Spinda, featuring average height and the unique spot pattern. Lana has been keeping her adorned with a flower, tucked behind her ear. The type of flower would change, depending on whatever is found. Screwball likes to travel about with a walking stick to keep herself somewhat steadied.

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