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Default Re: Andromeda Town

Official's Post (Cobalt Shadow and Eternal Moonlight)

You find yourselves at the top of the lighthouse. The view of Celestia is a depressing one. Everything looks grey and glum. Even though it's only Autumn, the days have already become shorter and the remaining light is rapidly receding as Celestia approaches nightfall. You fight the urge to stand on the edge of the balcony and see who it was who might have found you, aware that anyone below would immediately be able to spot you.

Behind you is a small, metal door which leads into a circular, glass room. In the center of that room is a large light on some kind of platform, which swings from side to side when the lighthouse is active. You peer into the room through the glass windows, but it seems that there's no one inside... strange. It's almost dark now, surely the lighthouse should be switching on any minute... In that case, someone (or something) must be heading to the lighthouse soon to get it started... maybe it has something to do with those footsteps you heard earlier.

Night falls rapidly around you. Now you are surrounded by flickering lights, not only from the heavens but from all around Celestia. Through the dark haze that has engulfed the region, you can make up out the bright lights of Aurora City to the west, and the Rising Bridge. To the north, the magnificent Pokemon League Gate is lit up in gold and silver.

Behind you the ocean stretches endlessly. Some kind of light flickers on and off in the distant waters. The air is becoming slightly chilly and you begin to wish you'd dressed a little warmer. You wonder whether you should explore the inside of that circular room or whether you should stay and enjoy the view...
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