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Default Re: Guess what I just hatched!!!

yo whats the deal with IVs? its so hard to get them right and they barely do anything! i mean, come on! would you spend 3 weeks to make a 31 stat point difference? its not going to change anything you know, your pokemon is too dang strong or too dang week anyway. and for the people who do it, its a one or two hit ko anyway, if half the pokemons HP is cut its dun for, but if half or a quarter of it is cut is basically the same thing, i say, get the right nature and make sure it has IVs on your respective stat. because if you IV breed pokemon, you will barely have one battle before there is a new game, and then you do it again, and again, and again, AND AGAIN! EV breeding is a complete waste of time, why did game freak even bother adding IVs to the game at all? was it to make the pokemon more unique? eeh,if that was the point there sure is a lot more they could have done. you know what? i think they made the whole EV and IV thing just so smogonites could find out about it and figure out how to manipulate them, so anyone who want to stand a chance against them has to EV train and IV breed too, so in that way, there would be hundreds of guides on the internet, im sure right now all the programmers of gamefreak are laughing at all the traffic they created, people trying to find out how to EVtrain or IVbreed, smogonites discussing what nature is best for what pokemon, you get the deal.