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Default Re: Guess what I just hatched!!!

Originally Posted by goldwynaut View Post
lol no, EVs and IVs were not intended to be discovered by players, gamefreak never spoke about neither, it was supposed to be the mystery of pokemon how two apparently identical pokemon cold have different stats and so on.
Mystery of pokmon? Not intended to be discovered? That's why there are hints thrown about all over the games, from Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, hell, even R/B/Y has hints about EV/IV training.

And Gamefreak? what, you saying they should spill every single detail about their games? They didn't tell anyone about EV's and IV's so that players could make that discovery themselves.

They would have known it was to be discovered eventually. If you don't believe me why don't you battle some hardcore Japanese Gamers?

Over the course of the different generations of pokemon games, IV's and EV's have been more and more apparent in them.

Although i will admit you have to pretty hardcore into the games before you can read too much into what the people say in-game and understand what to do etc.

Not trying to sound harsh or anything, sorry if I did, but yeah.
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