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This sounds interesting. I'm willing to try this out. Question! What about pre-evolution Pokemon such as Pichu and Elekid, since, they technically aren't basic. :P Unless, those count as basic and the other forms are upped? I'm just curious. =)

Edit: How many moves can a Pokemon have?

Name: Helena Raiken.

Age: Twenty.

Gender: Female.

Appearance: Click here for Helena Helena stands at 5'4" normally and 5'5" with her boots on. Her eyes are a natural dark green while her skin is light and creamy. Although she weighs a lean 120 lbs, don't let her small stature fool you - she knows how to deal with those who disrespect her. When she was younger she had been involved in a ranger school, thus her outfit choice. She's fitted with her ranger colors of red and dark green in varied manners. Although she was never able to complete her schooling due to the cities closing she still carries with her an inactive ranger stylus - in hopes that one day she can put it to some use.

Personality: Helena is definitely a tricky character. She tends to overthink situations and head in with her heart instead of her brain usually. She's the type of girl who's seen running into a burning building without realizing the danger she's in - but that's how she's always been. Helena is also a natural flirt with men, and she doesn't even know she's stringing people along until it's too late. She's prone to emotions and thus isn't the type of girl you want to spoil secrets towards - she'll spoil them right back if given the chance (most times it's by accident too). Honestly, Helena does absolutely fine by herself or with her fellow Pokemon partner. Being raised in a ranger academy makes her wary in catching Pokemon, as she was shown that they can be used to help instead of being used to battle. She has mixed feelings on owning them indeed.

Pokémon Team:

Name/Species/Gender: Noctoralli "Nocta" - Umbreon - Female
Ability: Synchronize
Nature: Quiet
Movepool: Moonlight/Faint Attack/Shadow Ball/Double Team

Other: Helena considers herself a Pokemon Ranger - although her school closed before she could graduate.

Points: 22

Name: Dimitri "Dayna" Williams.

Age: Eighteen.

Gender: Female.

Appearance: Click here for Dimitri as himself and click here for Dimitri dressed as his other personality. Dimitri has a personal issue and thus, he tends to dress as a male and, on most occassions, a female. Normally, Dimitri stands at 5'6" with a weight of 134 lbs. He has violet eyes and a fair complexion. Now, when he's dressed as a woman his height gains an extra 3" making him stand at a prompt 5'9". As a 'male' he wears prescription, thin-framed glasses. He also wears a light-blue, loose tie that droops over a losse-fitting long-sleeved v-neck collar shirt, which he usually rolls up. His violet bag that hangs from his waist is used to hold the clothing he changes into when he switches personalities.

As a 'male' his hair is seen tied up in a ponytail unlike his 'female' counterpart - where his hair is seen tied up propped with a red bow on the side. As a 'female', Dayna takes over and, well, she can truly pull of being a female. With this personality swap, she adorns a feminine outfit that promptly fits as if she was a female. Dayna has a habit of confusing many people when she's like this.

Personality: Obviously, Dimitri sets a lot of people off the right path whenever they try to guess whether he's Dimitri or Dayna. Since he could remember, Dimitri has always been this way - he has always had a multiple personality disorder and it has always set him back farther and farther from society. As Dimitri, he is seen as the nerdy and quiet type. He tends to keep to himself even if he disagrees with something. Being the shy person he is, he keeps emotions bottled until he can't take it anymore - and that's where Dayna steps into play.

Dayna is the most seen character out of Dimitri's life for the fact that Dayna is his alter ego. When Dimitri cannot handle something, Dayna comes out and boy is she sassy. She doesn't keep her mouth shut and whenever she mentions Dimitri she calls him her 'brother' although they are the same person. Unknowning to herself, she cannot fathom the idea that her and Dimitri are one-in-the-same, even if others bluntly state the obvious fact. When she isn't defending Dimitri, Dayna is mostly seen as 'proper' and 'lady-like' with her manners. Although her ego brings her down most times due to her lack of knowledge of most things, she's so thick-headed it doesn't matter. In the end Dayna always believes that she gets her way.

Pokémon Team:

Name/Species/Gender: Typhrin - Shiny Togepi - Male
Ability: Serene Grace
Nature: Sassy
Movepool: Metronome/Wish/Ancientpower/Protect

Name/Species/Gender: Wisp - Vulpix - Female
Ability: Flash Fire
Nature: Quirky
Movepool: Inferno/Will-o-wisp/Hex/Grudge

Name/Species/Gender: Konoha - Nuzleaf - Male
Ability: Pickpocket
Nature: Hardy
Movepool: Razor Leaf/Razor Wind/Nature Power/Faint Attack

Other: Due to his multiple personality disorder, Dimitri/Dayna have been bullied, pestered, etc. during their early years.

Points: 0

Disclaimer: All pictures were made by Hapuriainen's Pokemon Trainer Creator v.2 - not by me.
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