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Default Re: Andromeda Town

Name: Artemis
Party: Eevee
Currently: Lighthouse (being quite happy they aren't sardines right now... and then not so happy)

Artemis's adrenaline rush doesn't have the chance to dissipate before a new situation presents itself. The sound of knocking, although a little hard to pick up, is quite clearly not an auditory illusion. Someone was indeed trying to get though.

She didn't want to move the desk or let whoever was there in. Having to explaining all this wasn't exactly her idea of pleasant, especially considering what had just happened. However, there was little chance of either one of them getting out of this clean. Ralts was absolutely drained, scaling the building was impossible and using the stairs... yeah. Besides, this was beyond just sneaking around.

Cobalt came back in, and was able to pick up on the sound almost right away.

"If they see the damage, we are in so much trouble. But we have to go through there to get out of here. It's your choice Artemis. Should we let them in, or wait?"

"I don't think we have much of a choice... they'll eventually get through..." Artemis replied, noting that the desk was beginning to slide off on its own...

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