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Name: Zetsu
Currently: In the midst of battle

As Zetsu had seen Tiny back them up, he proceeded to help protect Sarah.

"Gallade, Leaf Blade!"

Gallade's sword-like hands glowed a bright green, as he slashes away at the shadows, suprisingly doing a fair bit of damage...water? Rock? ground? It didn't matter, all that mattered was that the leaf Blade was working, and dishing out some serious damage.

Ariados was up next. he was using scary face on the shadow, and had just hit a few of them with his Night Slash. Ariados was sucessfully keeping the shadows back, although showing signs of fatigue....

"Ariados, good work.. i'll send out Skorupi to help you out hmm?"

Skorupi appears beside Ariados, Bug and Poison types working together, Night Slashing at the apparitions.....

Zetsu then looked over to Sarah, then at Tiny...

"I don't know how much longer we can hold them off..... My pokemon are feeling a little fatigued and i'm feeling a little drained myself..." he told them, giving a sad smile to them both.....
Only the strong, survive.....

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