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Default Re: King of the Hill

Originally Posted by Latio-Nytro View Post
You pulled out the above response (training forces the blindness away) as an excuse in response to WHY YOU WEREN'T GETTING BLINDED WHEN I BLEW YOUR OWN THROWN NINJA POWDER IN YOUR FACE. Sorry, mate, no go there.

But logic never really did count...SO ANYWAYS.

I make a chemical to remove the Ninja Powder's harmful effects from my eyes, quite permenantly, and, well, duh, drop said chemical on my eyes. Problem solved there, just in case...Also, I send in Rhyperior, who wouldn't be affected by simple books. Earthquake to get Colbat off the hill, then Fissure for an OHKO by 'harmlessly' dropping Colbat into a hole in the ground.

Oh, and then I claim the hill, 'cause I'm not like Gold and I don't forget.

ninjas get blinded, but their other senses are so keen they can make it without vision, you still fain, and cobalt, i use the ninja whip to fling latios headgear at your reshiram to land a critical hit, your reshiram falls down and lands at YOU! my hill
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