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Default Re: Guess what I just hatched!!!

Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
If they weren't intended to be discovered, then why are there Vitamins and Wings? ^^;
Originally Posted by QuietSnowdrop View Post
@GoldWynaut: Put yourself in Game Freak's shoes. Doesn't it seem a little counter counter-intuitive to allude to something numerous times, create EV-enhancing items, and write IV-breeding mechanics if you don't intend for your players to ever discover how to use them?
there are vitamins and wings because they boost your stats, they say they slightly boost your pokemons stats, it does not say they give you EVs. and remember snowdrop that pokemon is intended for kids, i dont think many kids go to smogon to learn about EVs and IVs, they added them to the game to make it seem more alive, almost no pokemon are alike anymore, thanks to IVs and EVs, it was not made as and easter egg for smogonites.