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Default Re: [Crossover] Interlinked [FF/PKMN] (RP)

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I tried to appear impassive during the… sailor’s songs… after the blackout, but I think I might have flinched once or twice. Glancing over at Krane, I could see the look of alarm on his face as he covered poor Jovi’s ears. Quite curtly, I was reminded that I was about to deal with folks from the “other place”. I had always been a little wary working with them, since their ways were a bit… different; they certainly knew a few more words than I did. At least these guys actually looked human, I told myself.

<Those are some funny words,> remarked Makar with stark innocence.

And they are not to be repeated, okay? I directed a stern thought towards the Victini. I ignored his confused look as I plastered on a fake smile, waiting politely until the skirmish was over. The comment that the grizzly man made caught my tension, however. Taken over by the council? Crap… Suddenly I had a bad feeling about this…

“Ooooookay,” I slowly eased my gaze to the more composed individual in the room—Shera, I thought they called her. Clearing my throat, I decided to leap head first into our business. The sooner I got this over with, the better. “Well… We had been hoping to get a lift to the Capital...”

I glanced at the powerless lights doubtfully. Would they still be able to operate without crystal? That’s just what I needed—another delay. Felt like my headache was coming back…


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