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Default Re: Guess what I just hatched!!!

Originally Posted by Zetsu View Post
You sorely underestimate childrens capacity for gaming. Rather than a "basement dweller" it was probably just an ordinary kid like most of the users here who discovered natures.

You are right about Vitamins and Wings not being ALL about EV training, BUT, they ARE the main reason.

For wings specifically, they don't say it's directly tied to EV. but do you ever wonder why they go passed the vitamin limit?

It's to help EV train pokemon. that's the ONLY reason.

It's the same with the Stores in Join Avenue. YES they do also help with happiness, but their main reason is to help EV train their pokemon, hence why the Gym for example, lets you train in specific stats, not just randomly boosting a beneficial stat of a pokemon.

With regards to Happiness and grooming, there are berries to reduce happiness as well as stats.

I won't dispute that those facilities and items aren't just directly connected to EV training, but they to play some part in it, THAT you can't dispute.
no, the ONLY reason they are there is to boost your stats, you do not have to EV train to take advantage, and the berries are there so you can get the happiness in trade for a small debuff, they are useful, but they probably were not meant to EV train in the first place

Originally Posted by Steak View Post
you're trying to sound like you know a lot more about the game than everybody else but some of the facts you're providing are just entirely inaccurate
so maybe
just stop

If Pokemon wasn't meant to be competitve as you seem to be arguing, then there wouldn't be huge Pokemon tournaments in real life.
If it wasn't meant to be competitive, there wouldn't be in-game PWT downloads of teams used in real life Pokemon tournaments where the NPCs have Pokemon that make strategic usage of natures, EVs, and IVs, IVs especially with many of the participants making use of Hidden Power which relies on a very specific set of IVs.

Hidden Values and Natures were absolutely meant to be discovered. Without knowledge of them, there would be no competitve battling, or at least it wouldn't be remotely as refined as it currently is. In any game with this many characters, moves, items, and multiplayer capability, the developers are going to WANT players to make use of everything available to them. The developers certainly aren't ignorant to players' responses to the mathematics specifically coded into the game. In fact, the developers have (especially lately) been catering to it, rewarding players that dig deeper into the core mechanics of Pokemon.

Finally, by snidely remarking that "some basement dweller" discovered the mechanics behind Pokemon training, you just made yourself sound like an elitist jerk.

Anyway, sure, most casual kid gamers aren't looking so deeply into this. But that's pretty much the definition of the term casual. But as for capacity for gaming and as it relates to age, have you ever heard of the phrase "Junior Division"? The kids who win real-life world tournaments are not ignorant to these mechanics, either, I can guarantee you that.
There are a LOT of competitive Pokemon players, and saying the developers probably don't mean to put in features that coincidentally help these people out a lot is just a wrong opinion.

but this thread wasn't even made for this conversation in the first place, awesome hatch snowdrop.
i am literally rolling on the floor in manic laughter