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Default Re: PE2K's Join Avenue (Wynuat Exchange) Free Wynauts to everyone!

Originally Posted by The pokemaster View Post
I would love to get a Wynaut and join in, please. :)

PE2K User Name: The pokemaster
Name/ign: Brayden
Fc: 0562-4674-6733
GMT/Time your online to trade: GMT+11; my times vary, but if I'm online or on AIM, I'm available.
Originally Posted by QuietSnowdrop View Post
What a good idea! This will be so much fun!

PE2K User Name: Quiet Snowdrop
Name/ign: Julia
Fc: 0218 8975 8633
GMT/Time your online to trade: GMT-6/anytime today before 11:00 AM, tonight after 7:00 PM, anytime tomorrow, weekdays 3:30 PM to 10:00 PM
Ill contact you both so we can set up a time.

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