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Default Re: Guess what I just hatched!!!

yes, but gamefreak was obviously not aware that 40 year old nerds (aka: smogonites) play pokemon, neither were they aware that they would turn it all into what it is today. nintendo makes games that are fun to play, do you find it fun to kill the same underleveled creature dozens of times like a poacher? of course not, if they intended EV training to be a part of the actual game it would probably be and NPC teaching you about it, and they would have made it so you can do it on your actual journey with your beloved pokemon. and random wi-fi battles are totally screwed up by it, as said, pokemon is for kids, and any kid who tries to make a random wi-fi battle will without any mercy have any pokemon in his/her team brutally murdered by a lv:100 ev trained garchomp. thats not very fun is it?