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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

“Well, it’s good to know that Klaus will at least come to the children’s aid…” Kiseki spoke as he looked back at the rest of the group after tearing his gaze away from Ichiru, who was now sitting on the couch. “That will definitely be helpful if something comes up in the future…”

"You're right." Caroline said with a nod. The group tried their best to get back into their routine, deciding to let Ichiru have his space. Caroline walked into the kitchen and gathered some more food on a tray and a bottled water, bringing Kol to walk into the kitchen.

"What are you doing?" Kol asked.

"Bringing my dad some more food. I can hear his stomach growling." Caroline responded, walking to the other side of the house with the tray while Kol followed.

"How long do you think it's going to take for the Vervain to leave his system?" Kol asked, opening the basement door for her.

"Just a few days." Caroline said, walking down the stairs as Kol lightly closed the door behind her. He then walked over to Kotomi with a frown, seeing that she was looking at her older brother in concern.

"No." Kol whispered in her ear, already knowing what she was thinking.

"But I can take away the darkness in his aura." Kotomi whispered back. "Even just a little bit can help..."

"You know what the consequences are. Even just taking away a little bit will make you one step closer to insanity." Kotomi sighed from Kol's words and nodded, Kotomi walking over to Aiden while Kol, Damon and Diana walked into the library with Isobel, Stefan and Lexi.

Caroline opened the cell's door and stepped inside, seeing her father sitting up against the wall. She knelt down and placed the tray near him, though he turned away from it stubbornly.

"Come on daddy... I can hear your stomach growling. I know you're hungry." Caroline said, though her father Bill didn't say anything. "Do you need anything? Do you want to take a shower upstairs since there's only a toilet and sink in the cell?" More silence, bringing Caroline to sigh in frustration as she stood to her feet. "Fine, be this way. I'm trying to make you as comfortable as possible because you're still my dad and I love you." Caroline began to walk away, to which Bill looked at her.

"What was all that yelling upstairs about?" Bill asked. Caroline turned around and looked at her father, her face softening.

"A Vampire named Katherine being a pain again. She tried to kill Ashley's and Ichiru's two children by placing a spell on them." Caroline responded.

"Are the children okay?" Bill asked, Caroline nodding.

"They will be."

"Good." Bill picked up a green apple, biting into it as Caroline gave a small smile.

"Do you need anything else?" Caroline asked.

"I'm fine right now." Bill responded. Caroline nodded, locking the cell's door and leaving the basement.

Back upstairs Ashley motioned her children up to hers and Ichiru's room which had a full private bathroom, starting a warm bath for her children and looked at them.

"Stay here and don't go into the tub until I come back. I'm just going to get some clean clothes for the two of you." Ashley said, looking down at her children's bloodied clothes as they nodded. Ashley left the room and walked into her children's room, deciding to just dress them in a pair of pajamas since they weren't going to go outside. After getting their clothes she returned back into her own room and got herself a pair of clean pajamas as well, planning on taking a quick shower after giving her children a bath.

"Can we get out of these clothes now? They feel weird from the blood." Scarlet said, to which Ashley nodded. The two toddlers unclothed themselves and stepped into the tub, Ashley turning off the warm water once the tub was half full.

"Are you guys okay?" Ashley asked as she washed off the blood from each toddler, then draining the tub to refill it with clean water so she could wash their hair.

"I'm okay." Abigail responded with a nod.

"Me too." Scarlet added.

"We all thought that this was over with..." Ashley said as she turned on the warm water again. "Ichiru and I had you because we thought it would be safe to start a family. We never wanted to drag the two of you in this kind of mess."

"Everything will be okay, mommy." Abigail said, Scarlet putting her head underneath the faucet to get her hair wet. Ashley smiled, Scarlet sharing the faucet with Abigail. After finishing their bath Ashley dried and clothed her children in a pair of pajama pants and a t-shirt, the toddlers then walking downstairs after Ashley had brushed their hair and walked over to Ichiru.

"I'm gonna take a quick shower." Ashley said to Ichiru as Abigail and Scarlet both climbed up on the couch and leaned up against both sides of their father, Ashley still in her bloodied clothes. Ashley gave Ichiru a light kiss before walking back up the stairs, disappearing in her room again.

About ten minutes later Ashley returned downstairs, showered and dressed, while the bloodied clothes were in a plastic bag as she quickly walked outside and threw them out in the trashcan. Once she returned inside she joined Ichiru and her children on the couch, Abigail sitting on Ichiru's lap while Scarlet sat on Ashley's. Ashley rested her head on Ichiru's shoulder while gently wrapping her arms around Scarlet, the images of what Katherine had done to the toddlers haunting Ashley's mind.
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