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Kyle Denmark
Link: Cryogonal

“Of course, there’s no need to worry about injuries in the VR, but—well, better safe than sorry, right?” Freddie said to a new batch of contestants, adding a weak laugh to the mix.

That pretty much made me sure that this game would be legitly dangerous to us. I still really didn’t care, but did find it a bit underhanded that they wouldn’t tell us this directly. Still, it couldn’t be that dangerous. Even though I wouldn’t put it past them to release this game in a dangerous state, I don’t think they would be able to. There were standards for this kind of thing, after all.

I also noted that a lot of the theories I made that are like this did’t end up to be true, and I just make a fool of myself. I decided not to tell anybody about my stupid conspiracy theory.

The boy with the Gallade asked Freddie when they’d start, and the response was that there were a few more contestants what hadn’t arrived by that point. I looked around the room at all the contestants present at the moment and noticed that there a large number of contestants already. I had expected and prepared myself for 5 contestants, so I was a bit nervous about the larger number there was going to be.

Gallade-boy then snuck up on my when I was looking at all the others in the room and said, “Hey, I’m Jacob.”

I jumped in fright for the second time that day and almost fell off of the table. This time, though, I got angry at the person who scared me. Freddie had talked to me when I was looking in his general direction, but Jacob started speaking when my back was turned to him. Why would he even do that?

“W-what?!” I asked, sounding both surprised and annoyed at once. At the time I hadn’t wanted to come off as either of these, but I didn’t have much control over the tone of my voice.

I took a deep breath and tried to calm myself down a bit. Still, he’d startled me, fully aware that I wasn’t paying any attention to his direction. I may not have liked anybody in that room very much, but at that moment I liked Jacob the least.

“What do you want?” I asked, no longer with surprise in my voice but still annoyed.

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