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Default Re: Wi-Fi League Registrations! Sign up here!

Originally Posted by Latio-Nytro View Post
(...I've never done Wi-Fi battling before, for the record...I'm too lazy to RP this out, fully, too. :P)

NAME: Logan Falchino
POKEMON: Shellder
(No worries! We all play for fun so I'm sure it will be a good introduction to Wi-Fi battling!)

Professor Cedar

The Professor takes your registration form and returns in a few moments with a Pokeball. "Here's your Shellder!" she says brightly. "What an interesting choice! And here, you should take these too. Be careful out there, won't you?"

Logan received Shellder, 5 Pokeballs, and a Pokegear 3.0! Go ahead and make your trainer record in here. You may then start your journey from Andromeda Town.
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