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Default Ref Wages [November 1st - November 21st]

@Ash K.; $23,000
Last Counted: Here
Notes: Claiming

@Ataro; $5,500
Last Counted: Here

@ChainReaction01; $3,500
Last Counted: Here

@CommBA; $64,500
Last Counted: Here
Notes: Congratulations on Battle 100. Of course, like Battle 1, it was basics :( | THANK YOU FOR ACTUALLY REFFING THESE THREE WEEKS. MOST OTHER PEOPLE DIDN'T SEEM TO.

@Fierce Deity; $5,000
Last Counted: Here
Notes: (Technically GliscorMan logged this but putting it here because it's in your log) I want to be in one of these battles that pays $75,000 for losing :o

@GliscorMan; $13,500
Last Counted: Here
Notes: See note on Fierce Deity.

@Jack of Clovers; $1,000
Last Counted: Here
Notes: Nice 2 year gap before this wages

@Morru Magnum; $5,500
Last Counted: Here
Notes: If by Disable/Encore you mean Disable was used first, then Encore would fail. | You say it was 7 FORUM battles with a link that doesn't have those battlers, and that it was SAWSBUCK vs Poliwhirl (with a picture of Deerling). I'm guessing those are just mistakes in logging?

@Mubz; $0 + $2,000 from CommBA

@Nitro; $14,000
Last Counted: Here
Notes: You should get $2,000 here, unless someone else reffed part of it.

@Siless; $11,000
Last Counted: Here

@SLCalamity; $19,500
Last Counted: Here

@The Evil Dookie; $500
Last Counted: Here
Notes: Why did you put yourself getting $0 for this? It wasn't a OHKO

@The Pokemaster; $3,500
Last Counted: Here

At least ONE PERSON reffed more than me...

BMG/PWN/PXR/EGC's Ash K.; here for URPG (and possibly WAR).
URPG Stats
Frustrated by not seeing your old friends from pe2k? They're probably here.

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