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Default Re: A Political Adventure: Mitt Romney's Pokemon Journey

So when I first saw this about a month ago, I was like "Oh God, a political story with Pokemon in it. And Mitt Romney? Oh God. What am I getting ready to read?" And I actually liked it. I liked how you took a realistic approach to it. It was a nice read, and it was different from the usual trainer in [insert region here] story.

This is a Magikarp story. You've got great description for a Magikarp story. Need I say anymore?

I've looked at this story a fair few times before I snagged it to give it a grade for the fish. I haven't seen anything that would warrant me to put anything here, so happy two sentence grammar section! ;D

Silly Mittens, that's not how you catch a Magikarp. xD I feel bad for the Magikarp, and Mitt too. I actually chuckled at the battle. Mitt Romney doing a belly flop in the pond for a Magikarp. And to think that man wanted to be the Pokemon Champion. The battle was adorable and funny, and I liked it.

Fantastic job! I'm sorry you had to wait just over a month for a grade. :( Hopefully your future grades will come out faster! You said you were okay with a short grade, so hopefully this is fine. :3 Magikarp captured, but don't be like Mittens and go belly flopping into ponds for it. xD

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