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Name: Zetsu
Currently: Beside his pokemon....Dumbfounded.

Zetsu, being able to move again, looks over to his pokemon, then to Sarah, Tiny, then at Minako. The last thing that he saw was everything come to a halt, before he himself, froze in time...

"What....the hell....just....." He said to the others, seeing that there were no more shadows in the area. While looking at all the other confused trainers, he noticed that Minako wasn't as.... as confused as the rest of the group were. He walked up to Minako, eyeing her intently, not sure what to make of this situation...

"Minako...Erm....nevermind..." He uttered, before walking away again, towards Sarah and Tiny....

"Huh....something's fishy about her, I have to find out.." he thought to himself, before calling his pokemn back to sit beside him, finally able to catch their breath, with the initial threat over...
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