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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

"You're right." Caroline responded to Kiseki with a nod. He tried his best to go about the rest of the day normally, letting Ichiru have his space for a little while. He knew that normally the older twin would have gone outside so that his gloomy presence wouldn’t bother everyone else, but after running into Katherine that didn’t seem like the best idea.

"What are you doing?" He looked over to follow Kol’s gaze as the Original spoke to Caroline, who was getting a tray of food.

"Bringing my dad some more food. I can hear his stomach growling." Caroline responded as she walked to the other side of the house with Kol following. Kiseki started to follow as well, but decided against it and instead walked into the living room and took a seat on the couch across from Ichiru, who still had his head in his hands.

Aiden noticed Kotomi looking at Ichiru and frowned when realizing what she was thinking. However, Kol seemed to beat him to declining her thoughts, to which the younger Vampire merely sighed with a nod and walked over to the ginger.

“Don‘t worry, he‘ll be fine.” He wrapped an arm around her and offered a smile. “I know it‘s hard to see him like that, but he‘s probably just a little stressed by everything happening at once. He’ll come around soon.”

A few minutes later, Kiseki tore his gaze away from the window to see Ashley and the toddlers returning downstairs and walking over to Ichiru.

"I'm gonna take a quick shower." Ashley told the dark haired teen, who finally lifted his head just as Abigail and Scarlet climbed onto the couch on either side of him. Ichiru managed a smile at them just before Ashley leaned down to give him a light kiss before going back upstairs.

About ten minutes later she returned, and Ichiru had leaned back against the couch with an arm around each toddler, trying to force himself to relax and calm down now that everything was over for the time being. After taking a plastic bag with her bloodied clothes outside, Ashley joined Ichiru and the toddlers on the couch, Abigail sitting on his lap while Scarlet sat on hers.

Ichiru wrapped his arms around Abigail much like Ashley was doing with Scarlet and, after a few minutes, he rested his head against Ashley’s, which was on his shoulder.

“We shouldn’t have come back…”

Hearing his brother speak in such a soft and distressed tone made Kiseki tear his gaze away from the window to look at Ichiru in concern. He could easily sense his emotions now that Ichiru wasn’t trying so hard to suppress them, and the intensity of it was surprising. He couldn’t deny that he agreed with those words, but he didn’t voice his own concern on the matter, instead remaining silent as he turned his gaze back to the window. The sight of Ichiru and Ashley with their children reminded him once again of the fact that he and Caroline would probably never be able to have their own now because of their circumstances, and no matter how hard he fought it, Kiseki couldn’t get rid of the anger that stirred up within him.
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