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Default Re: Odyssey: the Stone of Destruction

This seems interesting. I may have to keep rereading the plot and map but this sounds cool. I really hope this RP goes far. :D Anyways, I'll join - one in each faction. =) I'm adding ability and other to my sheets by the way~

Name: Kora Vermios.

Age: Twenty.

Pokemon Species: Shiny Rattata.

Side: Argent Dawn.

Gender: Female.

Appearance: Special in fur tone, this Rattata has a unique appearance. Instead of resembling the typical Rattata, Kora instead resembles a Pichu. Her tail is dyed black with tufts of fur sticking here and there to resemble the ridges in a Pichu's tail. Around her neck is the distinctive black, three-traingle collar that compliments a Pichu's spunky attitude - and to finish it off, under her whiskers are two pink circles. Everything about her screams Pichu from a distance until you look at her ears. Being circled instead of pointy is what really gives her off as a Rattata. To cover these blemishes she dyed the tips of her ears black and places two roses on each ear, to distract others from staring at her 'misshapen' ears. Finally, her eyes finish her look by glimmering a bright forest-green color instead of the normal red or shiny blue color.

Personality: Kora is sneaky, friendly, humble, and overly protective. As her species is known for stealth, Kora is no exception. She prefers the shadows when on the battlefield - enjoying the surprise of attack instead of all-out combat. When she's not battling for her kingdom, she's a very friendly gal'. She tries to get on the good sides of others, never wanting to show disrespect. Battle-wise, she's very humble in her skills. She believes she isn't a strong member (although her skills are very valuable) on the front line and tries to sneak in the back. She tends to underestimate herself due to her small stature and by what others say - due to her usually frail species. However, when she can get past her humble ego she can be quite the fearsome opponent head-on. With her varying skills she can protect her allies quite easily. She's a tricky character this one, but, a well-trusted gal' for sure.

Background: Kora has been in and out of torment about her appearance for ages. Ever since she was a newborn almost everyone would mistake her for someone of the Mouse race - more specifically, the Pichu, Pikachu, and Raichu race. Always teased about her frail body, Kora grew with a low self-esteem thus, taking on the appearance of a Pichu in hopes of raising her spirits. No one ever seemed to see the potential that was within Kora, except her parents - Leona the Ratticate and Hyrule the Arcanine. Her parents taught her that no matter what others say, Kora will always rise above their accusations. Although Kora half-heartedly took those words to heart, she continued her stressful life.

It wasn't until two years prior that Kora saw an opening in The Argent Dawn. The organization was striving for members for the incoming attacks on the Kingdom by the Dark Cult's advances. Knowing this would be a chance to prove everyone wrong about Rattata's she joined their forces by attempting to prove her movepool could make her an aide, a general, or something high in the ranks of The Argent Dawn. Being denied a position due to her femininity and lack of stature, she was tossed aside while the war waged on. This was when Kora realized no one would ever accept her as she was and in the incoming year she watched as the war continued its madness. The war never seemed so personal until the Dark Cult invited themselves into her safe haven.

Kora was out training and melding her skills into something useful when news of a recent attack expedited itself throughout her burrow. Of course, believing that the Dark Cult wouldn't dare enter the Kingdom crossed her mind. She believed she was safe - that The Argent Dawn would protect her and everyone else. Only minutes later did an inferno blaze the burrows of the Mouse race. Scorching bodies, the smell of burning fur, and lots of blood cast a portrait in Kora's memory bank. She watched as her parents fought valiantly to protect her, each other, and the members of the burrows. Sadly, it was to no avail as Kora watched each member of her family fall to the likes of the Dark Cult.

Everything that happened was because The Argent Dawn could not defend their borders. If only they accepted everyone who applied - maybe then would they have stood a chance against the evil that was the Dark Cult. Kora vowed revenge against those who killed in cold blood. However, darkness filled this part of her memory - blacking out after the deaths of those she held near overcame Kora. When she awoke she found her home in rubble. Everyone she ever knew, everyone who had ever tormented her for being different, and everyone she ever loved - all gone. A rescue crew from the Citadel found Kora soon after the war ceased and the dust settled. It was too late for most of the survivors they rescued however. After the darkstar was activated the deaths only piled up because the wounds were too gruesome to heal.

Since that fateful day where Kora's life was turned upsidedown she as since joined the desperate ranks of The Argent Dawn as a viable member of the no longer exclusive branch.

Move set: Flame Wheel / Shock Wave / Quick Attack / Crunch / Dig / Grass Knot

Ability: Guts.

Other: Kora wears the insignia of her cause tied around both her front paws in the form of two shoulder pads to protect her in-case of close combat with the enemy.

Name: Mihn-Jun (Pronounced "Min June") Shaofouine.

Age: Thirty-two.

Pokemon Species: Mienshao.

Side: Dark Cult.

Gender: Female.

Appearance: Click here for Mihn-Jun. Alluring, beautiful, mysterious - those are only yet a few adjectvies Pokemon say in Mihn-Jun's presence. Like a breath of fresh air, there's nothing stale about her appearance. Fragrant like a plumeria, she radiates warmth and love (or so others assume). Her fragile appearance gives a lackluster shine to her power. Usually underestimated by her silky fur and bright, red eyes her fellow Pokemon do not realize there's more to her than meets the eye.

Personality: Minh-Jun is easily described as cunning, sassy, flirty, deceptive, and powerful. Looks aren't everything and Mihn-Jun is the description of such a myth. Being the cunning creature she is, Mihn-Jun is known for her sly-ways. Sticky-fingers are what some call her - that name isn't just for show either. A Pokemon has to earn her keep in this world, doesn't she? Now, that's where her sassy mannerisms come into play and if that isn't enough she has a few tricks up her fur-pockets. Not one to fall victim to anyone, Mihn-Jun knows her way around the men of this world and this fox uses her charm to get her way and point across.


Move set: Detect / Aura Sphere / Drain Punch / Acrobatics / Swords Dance / Poison Jab

Ability: Regenerator.


Disclaimer: Picture used for Mihn-Jun goes to SorayaAnimeFan4Ever in DeviantArt.

I'll finish Mihn-Jun soon. I ran out of creative energy for now. XD
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