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Trainer: Zayna
Currently: ... wuuuuuuuuuuut?

Blaze's flamethrower lit up the haze with astounding brilliance. I had to cover my eyes to shield myself from the light. The heat of the attack brushed up against my skin, hinting at the inferno that burned at the shadows. I couldn't believe that my tiny little lizard was capable of such a powerful attack. Was there something about this place that empowered him? Or had something drawn out his deepest abilities?

When the light faded, I braved a glance over my arm. I felt worried for my Charmander--surely, an all-out attack like this would drain him; but... my Charmander wasn't there anymore.

Standing in his place... was a taller, fiercer looking reptile with sharp eyes and red scales.

"CHAR!" the creature roared challengingly at the writhing shadows.

"B-blaze?" I looked at the creature with astonishment.

The reptile turned to me... and winked. Blaze had... evolved! I turned to look for my other Pokemon, but found myself surrounded by new creatures. Freya was bigger, with colorful feathers sprouting from her crest. Critter was bulkier--but still as quirky as ever. Only Jayde remained unchanged. She was still a tiny little bug. Then again, she had only been with us for a short while...

Before I could so much as open my mouth, a lot of... strange stuff happened. One of the Trainers, apparently fed up with the battle, cried out suddenly. And... she transformed...

...I couldn't quite follow what happened next. Suffice it to say, weird stuff happened. My Pokemon and I stared as the shadows were wiped out right before our eyes...