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Default Re: Hacking worth it?

Originally Posted by Zetsu View Post
I don't really think it's worth it in the end. The whole point of the game is to catch and raise pokemon. You're suppose to look high and low for rare pokemon if you want them that badly, and if you can't find them? TRADE.

As for hacking stats and movesets, that's just a new kind of low. It's basically rubbing dirt in the faces of all trainers who actually take the time to egg breed moves and raise their pokemon properly.

To me, it doesn't matter if it's for the PWT or the Battle Subway, cheating is cheating
the whole point of hacking is to get pokemon for competive battling for convince in an eviroment where perfection matters and people may not have the time to create pokemon. Hacking is more vital than most people realise, i used to get requests all the time for teams to be hacked for nintendo events which can ignore there security checks.

NEVER should anything in competive battling should be allowed to be the basis of the winner other than skill, it's just not cricket and hacking can make sure of it, anyone that dosn't hack or rng you've come to the wrong place buddy, go for casual battling. This is the reason battle sims are so popular they are basically an over zealous method of hacking.
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