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Default Re: GLADIATOR [rp]

Freddie Spencer
Link: Luxray

Freddie was glancing back down at his list when yet another contestant entered the room—a muscle-head, from the looks of it (no, no, don’t think that, Freddie scolded himself) that must be around his own age (maybe older). The young man glanced about the room with a cocky smile and asked in a rather loud voice, “So, this is the competition, huh?”

Freddie’s smile was more or less forced this time. Though he tried not to make any hasty judgments, there was something about this guy that ground at his nerves. There was something about him that reminded Freddie of an old high school bully… Still, he was a contestant. Freddie needed to act professional.

Before he could greet the individual, Nikki suddenly spoke up.

"Mother of Arceus, you've got to be kidding."

Freddie glanced between the two, absolutely baffled. “Er, do you two know each other?”

Then again… as he looked closer, he started seeing faint similarities. The intern glanced down at his list, quickly looking up the name of the new contestant. Damon. Damon Eelayo. He lifted his eyes, returning back to Nikki’s name. He hadn’t really memorized their last names—as he thought their first was more important—and the name Eelayo glared at him.

“Are you two… brother and sister?” he returned his bewildered glance back at the duo, wondering how this came to be.

Before another word could be said, however, another character entered. And he was shedding sand. Everywhere.

“W-what the…?” Freddie’s professional mask faltered as he took in the sorry character—with watery eyes and dusty hair. “Good Arceus, are you all right?” the intern asked in a mixture of concern and alarm. “What happened?”

Nimbasa had a desert down to the south, of course, often riddled with sandstorms, but this boy looked like he had just emerged from a sand tomb. For a frightened moment, Freddie wondered if the contestants were being attacked. He was completely oblivious to what was going on outside…

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