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Originally Posted by Cobalt Shadow View Post
Name: Cobalt
Party: Kirlia, Pikachu (Temporary), Shinx (Temporary)
Currently: Returning the lighthouse pokemon

Artemis and I managed to sneak into town without the police noticing us. Since the exit was blocked off, we could have had some awkward questions. After a little while we found our way to the lighthouse. The car with the shattered windscreen was still there, and I felt another wave of guilt hit me for everything that happened. We went to the door which was still unlocked, and began ascending up the stairs looking for the owner of the lighthouse pokemon...
Official's Post

You climb the lighthouse. The old man is exactly where you left him. He is looking out over the bay, watching the darkness slowly receding. He seems startled when you first appear, but then smiles. "So, did you find the Pokemon?" he asks.

You hold out the two Pokeballs. The old man takes them and releases the Pokemon inside. Shinx and Pikachu yawn sleepily. Their ears prick up when they see their trainer and they run to him, nuzzling him affectionately. "I'm so glad you're okay!" the old man says, bending down to hug them. You notice he is crying.

"You two should rest now. It's light enough for the boats to see. We can recharge the lighthouse battery tonight. I just have to finish wiring up the new light. Lucky I keep a spare globe," he explains.

"As for you two, as promised, all debts are forgiven. You, young man, need to watch your temper. It could get you in trouble. I hope the influence of this young lady will help to curb it," he winks.

"Now I have something else I would like you to have. He turns to the desk and rummages in the drawers. He pulls out a small backpack. "This was mine, when I was trainer," he sighs nostalgically. He empties the items on the desk. "I have no need of these things anymore. Maybe you two can use them."

Artemis and Cobalt received a Lure Ball, a Heal Ball, a Water Stone and a Moon Stone.
Artemis and Cobalt received one Egg Voucher each.
Kirlia gained +3 Wi-Fi battles of experience.
Eevee gaind +3 Wi-Fi battles of experience.

You may split the prizes however you like, besides the Egg Vouchers. Make sure you note somewhere in your stats how you got the extra items/battles.

"Those Egg Vouchers can be traded in at Zenith Town. Professor Cedar was giving them out a few months ago. Good luck you two."
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