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Default Re: Route 1

Trainer: Steak

you come to.
route 1.
so you're out of THAT MIASMA PLACE. cool.
you notice your pockets more full than what they were before. looks like your EMISSARY BUDDY raked you in some sweet loot. what a great dude.
you get up and make sure your Pokebros are doing okay. they're good to go.

looks like PHANPYQUEST is back in high gear. you walk away from the truck, pretty sure a truck is going to do you no good. as you make your way back onto the main road you consider the idea of GRAND THEFT PHANPY., way to miss a great opportunity!
you turn around, wondering if you could maybe find your way back, when you notice a commotion out of the corner of your eye. instinctively, you hop into some nearby bushes.
what you see is...a battle...a Poke Ball being thrown...wait, is that a Phanpy?!
while you were snoozin', this NOOBLORD was cruisin' in on some leet grabs!


you clap your hand to your mouth immediately, even though you only thought it, not said it. sure, you may be frustrated, but you really need to watch the language.
you spy on the fight as the Poke Ball shakes in the distance, ready to get the jump on this chump.

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