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Default Re: Route 3

Trainer: Zayna
Currently: Returning from the Miasma

the b▲ttle is fin▲lly over
you h▲ve m▲n▲ged to step up ▲nd f▲ce ▲n ▲ncient evil to protect the future
you h▲ve re-written wh▲t w▲s stolen from the p▲ges of history
the timeline from this point forw▲rd h▲s been s▲ved bec▲use of you br▲ve tr▲iners of Celesti▲

remember this time th▲t your love ▲nd br▲very were ▲ble to fight off dec▲y ▲nd m▲lice
for you m▲y need to muster up your powers ▲g▲in...
As the Emissary spoke, I felt myself falling. The ground seemed to rise up around me, engulfing me in darkness once again. Everything was slipping away… the Inhibitor, the Emissary, and the mysterious boy Quinn. I tried to shout, but no sound came from my mouth.

Then, suddenly… I was back.

I gasped as I sat upright, finding myself sitting beside the road on Route 3, surrounded by trees. Yet… everything was different. I shivered as a cold breeze brushed against my bare arms. I hugged my legs to my chest, though the motion raised a ruckus as papery orange leaves were stirred. Glancing up into the trees around me, I noticed that the branches were mostly barren.

“Char?” Blaze came up beside me, looking concerned.

I couldn’t reply to him right away. I was too busy gaping at the sight of autumn surrounding us. How long had we been in the Miasma? Hadn’t it been the middle of summer when I had set out from Professor Cedar’s lab? I shivered again as the cold caught up to me. It wasn’t just an autumn breeze—I could feel the touch of winter in that breath. Unless I wanted to end up a popsicle, I knew I needed to find something warmer to wear, and soon.

Something warm and soft settled over my shoulders. I glanced down to find feathers resting there. Freya had wrapped her wings around me, looking quietly down at me. Blaze came up before me, turning so his fiery tail was before my face.

I smiled appreciatively. “Thanks guys. You were great back there.”

“Char!” the Charmeleon puffed out his chest.

Critter the rock—er, or boulder now, I guess—rattled something cheerful as well. Freya rested her head beside mine, closing her eyes. It’s incredible, really. We had only been together for a brief while, but after the Miasma ordeal… it seemed like we had gotten closer together. I knew then that my Pokémon had complete faith in me.

I glanced up to see Jayde looking at us curiously.

“Hey, you can join us to,” I laughed, inviting her with a nod of my head. The little bug twitched her antennae bashfully before hoping onto my knees and climbing onto my hat. Soon after, we all had a group cuddle of sorts.

I stood after I warmed up, turning to face everybody. “All right, guys. Let’s keep going.”

*the Poochyena hunt continues!!!*

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