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Pokémon: Project Gray

Chapter 5: "Assist" Part 1

(Author's Note/ I apologize for the wait for this one. Hurricane Sandy was a pain and I've been stuck in bed. Been pretty sick. Then, I have had interviews and I'll be starting my job soon! Haha! Well the wait is over and I hope you enjoy chapter 5! Oops gonna have to half this one too!)

The cruel rains were finally beginning to calm as Blue surfed upon his Gyarados across the water's surface that appeared to be gray in color due to the gloominess of the colorless sky. Ice cold water dripped from the Viridian gym leader's bangs, a few droplets falling into his piercing eyes that were full of determination. Soft growls escaped from the blue serpent's gaping mouth as it swarm effortlessly through the waves which were stirring from the wind. After ten minutes of traveling through the water, they began to approach an island. The sight of it caused Blue to smirk. Once upon the shore, the young man jumped from his pokemon's back, and landed unto the white sand, a few grains making its way into his shoes.

He removed a pokeball from his belt, raising it up a few inches away from his chest. The trainer patiently watched as the blue beast materialized into a red light, and flew right back inside the ball. Returning the ball to a clip on his belt, he started to sprint towards the middle of the island, his Umbreon very close behind. It was a large island that consisted of only a few trees and only a few patches of grass, but most of the ground was covered in sand and stone. A gigantic volcano that could almost be seen from Pallet Town, stood majestically as if it was watching over the quiet environment. Though the place seemed bare, Blue had a fondness for Cinnabar Island, for it was the place he loved to come to vent or just relax.

"Okay. Where are ya old man?" He mumbled in-between breaths as he scanned the area. He ran for about a half a mile until he reached a small Pokemon Center. He ran into the building, hoping to find who he was looking for. He let out a growl-like sigh and rolled his eyes, disappointed that his little hunch was wrong. A nurse that was sitting patiently behind the front desk of the clinic stood up as a small smile appeared on her face.

"Hello again, Blue. What brings you to Cinnabar again, honey?" The nurse asked while approaching him slowly. She rarely has patients so she was happy to finally have some company.

"Lookin' for Blaine. I figured since it was cold and raining that he would have enough sense to come here." Blue said as he tried to regain his breath.

"With all the firepower that he has, I'm sure that he would not get cold." The woman said while giggling.

"Yeah, I guess." The annoyed gym leader said while making circular motions on the tile floor with his foot, then sticking his hands in his pockets.

"Is there something wrong?" Asked the nurse.

"Nahh.." Blue mumbled while turning towards the door, not wanting to get into much detail with the Pokemon Center nurse. "I gotta run. See ya." He said while walking towards the door, and putting up the hood of his jacket over his head.

"Bye dear." Confusion filled the woman's voice, but she shrugged it off and sat back down at the front desk.

Once Blue left the warmth of the pokemon clinic, he began to run once more towards the edge of the island once again, slightly aggravated that he had wasted too much time. Once on the shore, he summoned his Gyarados once more, and jumped on its back, automatically ordering it to head in the eastern direction. The cold rain made the gym leader's face numb, but he tried to ignore the discomfort of the icy winds and water. Minutes later, they had arrived at another island which was to the east of the larger Cinnabar Island. The gym leader and Umbreon jumped from his beast's back, and ran towards a cave which appeared ominous in the angry wind. A few waves were crashing into the shore and even against the sides of the cave. Blue left his Gyarados in the water since it appeared to be enjoying the water, and even the weather. The last thing he heard before he entered the cave was the large splash of his water pokemon diving into the sea.

New sounds and smells filled his senses as he walked deeper into the island cave. Battle cries filled the area and warmth soon greeted his skin, then he found himself within the main area of the cave.

"Hydro Pump, Seaking!" Echoed an unfamiliar voice.

"Dodge it Magmar, and use Confuse Ray!" An older voice yelled almost overpowering the loud sound of water. The two-legged creature bellowed lowly in response to its trainer as it sent a sparkling ray of light towards the large horned fish pokemon, the light reflecting off its shackles around its legs and neck. It instantly hit the Seaking, causing it to shake its head in confusion, but it tried to remain determined while it waited for its next orders.

Blue stood on the sidelines watching the battle between a young boy and man who he recognized as the Cinnabar Gym Leader Blaine, but impatience stirred within him making him wish that he could just interrupt them. Umbreon made a quiet noise as it shook the water out of its fur, putting out a few embers that were nearby.

"Hang in there, Seaking! Horn Drill!" The young battler ordered. The large fish launched itself forward by pushing off the ground with its fins. Its horn upon its head began spinning rapidly while it lunged at the fire pokemon, creating a loud buzzing sound. The water pokemon's eyes were still clouded, but its speed did not falter.

"Watch it!" Screamed the trainer as he watched his pokemon get ready for its attack.

The older man's Magmar appeared to smirk as a large bang sounded throughout the cave when the Seaking hit a very large rock formation that was growing from the floor. The stalagmite collapsed right at impact and shook the entire area when it crumbled unto the ground. The large fish pokemon pushed the rocks off of its body and slowly made its way towards the Magmar, attempting to shake off its confusion.

"Thunderpunch." Ordered the older man while he twirled his mustache around his index finger. The red and yellow bipedal monster darted towards the confused fish pokemon, its hand forming a fist while sparks of electricity danced around it, illuminating the area around it. Magmar's fist made direct contact with the Seaking's stomach, sending it up into the air while the entire fish's body lit up with bright lightning. Once the attack had subsided, the water pokemon hit the ground once more, but the electric attack had taken away the rest of its strength.

The younger trainer groaned as he returned his defeated pokemon back into its pokeball.

"You battled well, kiddo! Come back again!" The old man said with a grin on his face.

The trainer nodded and made his way towards the exit of the cave. Disappointment could easily be seen on his face since he had lost to the fire gym leader. The boy walked past Blue, who had been spectating the battle the entire time, and tried not to make eye contact with the young gym leader, though embarrassment slowly made his cheeks red. Blue ignored the kid and walked towards the old man who was still standing in the middle of the cave.

"Old man! I got some questions." The Viridian gym leader stated as he walked.

"Hello, Blue. What happened to a formal greeting?" The older man asked; a smile still on his face.

"I got some pro-" Blue started, but was cut off with a light chuckle from old fire master.

"Quiz time! What pokemon can cast a sinister light from its bright red eyes to gain total control over its foe's mind? These creatures are so highly intelligent that they can understand human speech." The man asked while leaning on his cane.

"Blaine, I ain't got time for thi-" Blue was cut off once again by the man.

"Answer the question." The man snickered.


"Just answer it"

Knowing that Blaine would not stop, Blue gave in and attempted to answer the question. "Gengar?" The younger gym leader asked.

Blaine's smile widened, but before he could respond, Blue quickly made another response. "Wait, no! It's Ninetails."

The older fire gym leader chuckled once again. "Still bright as always, Blue. Getting rusty though! You used to answer those questions right away" He said in a joking tone.

"Has a group of uniformed men confronted you? Anything unusual going on?" Blue asked.

"The only visitors I have had was from a few challengers. I did receive a letter stating that I needed to contribute to the government in order to regain peace within the region. It was concerning the disaster at the Celadon Game Corner." The old man replied while making circular movements with his cane. He studied Blue's facial expressions carefully, and knew right away that he was worried about something. Distress and fear was written all over Blue's face even though he tried his hardest to hide it with determined eyes and his egotistical grin.

Blaine closed his eyes for a moment while slightly lowering his head, then looked back at the younger man. "Has something happened? Tell me everything you know."


X~ Thoughts and negativity swirled within Scarlett's head. She had so many questions. The blonde-headed girl was fearful that her Hydreigon might have taken away innocent lives, but she just could not accept it. Hydra was such a loyal pokemon; a close a friend. If it did cause the murders that the old woman was speaking of, she knew it did not intend to.

'He was afraid. He did not want to kill people. It was an accident!' Scarlett thought while tightly closing her eyes. Sabrina watched her, sensing the darkness that was lingering around the girl. She reached to touch her shoulder in an attempt to comfort her, but the young groomer just pushed her hand away, not wanting to be touched. Her jolteon sat in her lap, frequently looking up at its trainer with worry in its eyes, then licked a few of the cuts on her hands that were caused by the Golem's rock attacks. They flew in silence for another few minutes until Sabrina finally spoke.

"We have arrived in Lavender Town."

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