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Pokémon: Project Gray

Chapter 5: "Assist" Continued

"Find a place to land, Hydra." Scarlett ordered her feathered dark dragon. A quiet hiss was heard from the Hydreigon as it began to fly downwards, making its way through the clouds and then to the top of a really tall building. Scarlett stared at the large concrete building, seeing herself in the reflection of the windows as they flew down the side. Finally, they had reached the ground. With her Jolteon in her arms, the golden-haired girl slid down her dragon's back until her feet were on the purple hued concrete. She waited on Sabrina to follow, but when she saw that she was still struggling to move her legs, she groaned lowly, realizing that she was still paralyzed from Lt. Surge's attacks. "Wait here. I'll be right back." Scarlett said as Jolteon jumped from her arms and then stood by her side. Then, she started to walk towards the buildings.

"That's a bad idea, Scarlett. We do not know who may be watching." Sabrina said as she laid on Hydra's back. A few residents of the town who were outside were intrigued by the Hydreigon, as most of them did not even know that this pokemon even existed. A few people were also afraid of it, and ordered their children to go inside. The feathered dragon lifted its head high and sniffed the air for a moment or two to get more familiar with the area.

Followed by the electric fox, Scarlett walked until she arrived in front of a small building that stood next to the Pokemon Center of Lavender Town. "We really need supplies, don't we?" Scarlett mumbled as she walked into the store, then greeted the cashier. She picked up a small shopping basket, then browsed through the items, picking a few that she was interested in like potions, first-aid items, repels, and food. Once her basket was full, she went to the checkout lane and paid for her items. The groomer made her way out of the store, then towards Hydra and the psychic who was resting on the large dark dragon's back.

"Lay down, please." She quietly said to her dragon. The three-headed creature did as she wished and lowered down to the ground so its trainer can have easier access to its back. She climbed aboard once again holding a large grocery bag which contained her items. She sat beside the injured gym leader and transferred most of her new things to her travel bag. "Okay, let's get cleaned up." Scarlett said with a water bottle and bandages in her hands.

Jolteon remained on the ground, and frolicked around Hydra's nose, zapping it a few times in a playful manner. The dark pokemon got annoyed with the eeveelution after the fifth zap, then softly clenched the fox's fringe of spiky fur on its rear-side with its teeth. The smaller creature pawed at the dragon's nose, attempting to make the winged beast let go, but Hydra's other two heads just stuck their tongues out at the electric pokemon. Jolteon laid down once it knew it could not move or electrocute Hydra while its trainer and Sabrina were aboard and growled to itself in a pouting gesture.

"I got a few Parlyz Heals, but since you're not a pokemon, we have to use a more than one on you just to see some results. We'll see what we can do about your wrist too." Scarlett said as she shook the medicine bottle after she removed the plastic from the top of the sprayer. With the golden-haired groomer's assistance, Sabrina removed her boots and pulled up her black tights to reveal her legs that appeared to be bruised and cut up because of the rock attack. They cleaned up the scratches and sprayed two bottles of the Parlyz Heal medicine on the psychic's legs. Scarlett also gave her a Cheri Berry just to be safe as well. The psychic gym leader's wrist wasn't broken much to their advantage, but since it was still bruised, Scarlett wrapped it up with medical Sabrina's wounds were cleaned and bandaged, Scarlett began cleaning her own cuts. When she finished medicating herself, she put all the trash in the grocery bag and threw it above Hydra's head, calling its name. The Hydreigon opened its mouth, freeing Jolteon, then blew out a small amount of fire at the bag, incinerating it once it hit.

"Do you have any idea who those people were back there?" Scarlett asked while adjusting herself so that her legs dangled off the edge of the dragon's body.

"Lt. Surge is the gym leader of Vermilion City, but I did not recognize any of the others." Sabrina replied.

"He was a gym leader? Since when did gym leaders go around and attack people?" Scarlett looked around the area until a boy who just left the Pokemon Center caught her attention. "Isn't that...?" She trailed off while she stared at the kid's face, trying to search her mind as to why she recognized him. Whenever the boy began walking towards the houses which were south of the main area of Lavender Town, the blonde trainer jumped off of Hydra and darted after him once she realized the kid was the one who had accompanied the woman who attacked her back at the groomer shop in Fuchsia City.

"Hey, wait up!" Yelled Scarlett while she tried catching up to him. The confused boy turned his head in response, but stopped in his tracks and waited for the girl to catch up to him. After he studied her face for a few seconds, he recognized her and felt rather uncomfortable.

"I'm sorry, but I really need to speak with your grandmother." The girl said in-between breaths while the wind blew her messy golden hair into her face.

"That's not a good idea. She can't be around you or she'll go crazy again!" He said turning away from the tired trainer and resuming his walk back to his home.

"Please wait! I just need to ask her something!" Scarlett's voice was gradually becoming louder.

"Just leave me and my family alone!" The boy's walking turned into a sprint, but Scarlett was not going to let him get away. She ran after the kid, easily catching up to him once again and grabbed his arm.

"Just wait a minute! It's not like I'm going to hurt her!" She said through gritted teeth.

"She might hurt you though!"

"I'll let go if you can just help me, please. Do you know what happened to her?" Scarlett said while loosening her grip on his arm.

"I don't know what happened. I just know that she was in an accident."

"You really don't know anything? Anything at all?" She was becoming discouraged and she released his arm.

"All I know is that she hasn't lived in Lavender Town all of her life. She had to move here. She used to live on Cinnabar Island. Maybe you can ask around there, but that is all I know." The boy replied.

"Cinnabar Island? Alright then. I'll have to ask around then. Sorry for chasing you around like that and thank you for the info." Scarlett said as she turned around and headed back to Sabrina and Hydra. The boy nodded and went on his way, though he looked back a few times hoping that the girl wasn't behind him again.

"Alright guys. We're heading to Cinnabar Island!" Scarlett said while motioning her Jolteon to get back on the dragon. Sabrina did not question her motives and nodded in response, though her expression seemed nervous. She looked behind her as if she heard something coming, but Scarlett did not see anything.

Scarlett shrugged and climbed unto Hydra's back. The dark feathered dragon stretched its large six wings and in one flap, they were off the ground. Once in the sky, the blonde's lips formed into a large smile. "Now where is Cinnabar again?"

Sabrina rolled her eyes. "Head south and once we make it to the ocean, go east. There is a large volcano on the island, so you can see it from miles away."

"Thank you, Sabrina. Let's go, Hydra!" Scarlett said while running her fingers through the Hydreigon's black neck feathers and gripped them gently, then leaned in the direction that she wanted to go. The three-headed dragon sped through the air, growling quietly. The light sound of sirens were heard, but sound eventually faded since they had gotten too far away from the small town.


X~ A few police cars had parked next to the PokeMart within Lavender Town. The cashier walked out of the store when he heard the sirens and looked up into the sky slightly disappointed.

"I'm afraid you just missed them." The cashier of the mart said as a few policemen stepped out of their vehicles.

"We will search around to see if they left any information or belongs behind. Thank you for your call, sir."


X~ Around twenty minutes of flying, Scarlett and the others had finally reached Cinnabar Island. "I see no homes or buildings. How are we going to ask around if there is no one here?" The young trainer asked, disappointment filling her voice.

"I could have told you that Cinnabar Island has been empty for years now." Sabrina said with her eyes closed.

"Then, why didn't you?" Scarlett snapped. "Oh, I think I see a Pokemon Center!" They flew towards it, then landed in front of the center's doors while Hydra's feet buried into the sand. Sabrina thought it would be okay for them to heal their pokemon there since Cinnabar Island was pretty isolated from the rest of Kanto and now that her legs were no longer paralyzed, she jumped from Hydra's back and into the sand. Scarlett and Jolteon did the same, then the blonde trainer returned her dark dragon back into its pokeball. They walked in and greeted the nurse politely, then Scarlett returned her Jolteon back into its ball as well so it would be easier for the woman to heal it. The groomer and the psychic gym leader gave her their pokemon within their pokeballs waited patiently until the nurse returned them back to full health.

"Thank you for waiting! Your pokemon are fighting fit!"

"Thank you so much." Scarlett said with a smile as she released Jolteon from its ball once again. "It's so empty here. Do you get lonely?" The sound of door opening again caused the electric fox's ears to twitch, though Scarlett ignored it since she was conversing with the nurse. Sabrina turned towards the door, and a tiny grin appeared on her face as she slowly approached the people who had just walked in.

"Hello, gentlemen." The psychic said to the two men still smiling. Once Scarlett and the nurse were finished conversing she turned towards the door and slowly walked to Sabrina's side, but her eyes narrowed once they locked onto one of the men's glare. He had a cold look which caused her to feel extremely uneasy and suspicious of both of them.

Sabrina placed her hand on the blonde trainer's back and slightly pushed her forward. "Scarlett, let me introduce you to Blaine; gym leader of Cinnabar Island, and Blue; gym leader of Viridian City."
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