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Name: Joseph Swift
Link: Krookodile

Joseph stood quietly ignoring the squabble of the siblings. He gazed towards the squabbling siblings and to Freddie who managed to get caught in between. He decided not to think too much on it. Alex was a little unnerved by this strange sight. She had not seen two siblings who seemed to disagree in such a fashion.

He looked over towards that guy with a Gallade and the girl who hasn't displayed her hand yet. He was a little unnerved by his ignorance towards her Pokemon, but he couldn't help but chuckle a little when she was startled by the other contestant.

He took notice of the contestant who was covered in sand and considered whether or not he was in the sandstorm he had Alex create. He almost laughed to himself because the contestant looked a little funny covered in sand. His Krookodile peered over from her seat. She felt a little bad about it, but she also felt embarrassed because her sandstorm did get a little out of hand.

He called over to the sand covered contestant. "Hey! You didn't happen to be in out little storm did you?" He motioned to his Krookodile. She stood up and walked over to him. They strode over to the contestant covered in sand. "My apologies." He couldn't help but laugh a little. With a desert nearby, he expected most of Nimbasa to be prepared for a sandstorm. Alexandra stared at the ground. Joe continued," By the way I am Joseph." He looked over to Alex who looked up. "And that is Alexandra, my Krookodile."

Name: Gerald Benson
Link: Ariados

Gerald was sitting on a roof overlooking the madness at the Summit building. He managed to go quite unnoticed as he laughed at the madness ensuing below. Watching next to him were his Pokemon. Scorn his Ariados was fairly entertained. Lyle was cackling despite being a Houndoom. Isis was just waiting for a turn to cause havoc. Saand the Flygon sat up on the roof in utter disappointment of her trainer.

He found the attacks on the crowd to be a great source of entertainment. He especially loved the fact that one of the contestants was escorted by a guard. At the same time, he was slightly dissappointed by the fact that she wasn't ripped apart by the mob of fans and other less friendly individuals. He also saw a sandstorm rise and punish the crowd.

He found an even more hilarious incident where a contestant stumbled out of the crowd that had been caught in the sandstorm. He looked over to his Flygon,"Would you create a sandstorm for me?" He asked this almost mockingly. The Flygon glowered angrily and an ancient force from an old time began to swirl around her claws. The other Pokemon turned to face her. They just waited for her to strike. She lowered her claws and abandoned the Dragon Claw attack she was preparing.

Gerald looked around and decided it was time. "Let's go in shall we? Isis use Hail!" Isis unleashed hail and immediately crystals of ice began pelting the crowd. Gerald and his Pokemon made their way down the building. Scorn carried Gerald who carried Isis. Saand lowered Lyle onto the ground. "Lyle, make a path for us using your Flamethrower." The crowd parted to avoid the furious flames. Gerald jeered menacingly all around as he walked down this path.

He made it to the guard. The guard of course had no choice but to lead him in because he was invited.
The hail stopped shortly after Gerald and his Pokemon entered the building. Isis and Gerald found this disappointing. Saand and surprisingly Scorn were relieved by this. Lyle just really didn't care. However he wasn't particularly fond of the ice that kept pelting him, and he also found the crowd to be mildly amusing.

Once they had reached the lobby following what they believed was too many signs, Gerald examined the other contestants satisfied. Saand the Flygon took a moment to examine a Krookodile. The Krookodile shared the same interest and they felt a mutual respect for their fellow desert dweller. This was short-lived due to the fact that moments after Saand found herself inside of her Pokeball. Isis, Lyle, and Scorn stayed out as to confuse the contestants and make them guess which Pokemon was Gerald going to use.

Gerald walked over to Freddie. "Hey you!" He took a gaze at the nametag. "What now, Freddie?"
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