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Name: Leonard Popov
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Species: Mienfoo
Allegiance: The Guards
Appearance: Standing 3’1” and weighing approximately 46lbs, Leonard is above average in size, and his young age suggests he’ll grow even more. His pelt is a bit faded, suggesting a malnourished upbringing. A long scar runs from below his left eye horizontally across his cheek. A crimson bandanna is tied around his neck.
Personality: Leo is an intelligent, driven, and sharp young man. He is loyal to a fault, never questioning his orders from his superiors. He can be very easy to get along with, though his tendency to play straight man has made him the butt of jokes in the past. Nonetheless, he has a number of civilian friends.

At the same time, Leonard is reckless and headstrong. He endlessly pursues Callers, to his own determent occasionally. He is short tempered, and very loud. Moreover, his blind obedience has a tendency to get him into situations he isn’t fully prepared for.
Background: Leonard’s parents died when he was about 5 years old, in an accident. The Mienfoo never really learned what the accident was, nor does he ever want to. As with all the orphaned children, he carried the surname Popov, “Son of the Priest.”

From the moment he first walked in the door, Leonard was always a troublemaker. Not an awful child by any stretch, but one that enjoyed pranks and rule breaking. A firm hand would have lead him out of this behavior, but he never really allowed any potential families the chance. He was determined to only ever have one family, the one that had passed on. Thus Leonard remained a part of the orphanage.

When Leonard was around 10, he met Adrian. The small Riolu looked up to him, and eventually grew attached to the Mienfoo. It was a bit of an odd friendship, but Adrian proved to be a good influence on him. Leonard began to mellow out, and slowly the troublemaker faded away.

For the next three years things went like that. Leonard continued to avoid potential families, mainly due to stubbornness. By the time he was 13, the Mienfoo only had 3 more years in the orphanage until he’d be set free. But it wasn’t to be. A Caller child, actually one of the ones Leonard considered a friend, went berserk. Leonard was extremely lucky to escape with only a slight scar. But he’d never forget the sight of that child, bathed in blood with a mad look in its eyes.

Taking Adrian with him, the Mienfoo wandered. Eventually he joined The Guard, though to his dismay Adrian wouldn’t be able to join alongside him. Nonetheless, he worked hard to prove himself. He started to get a bit bloodthirsty in his pursuit of Callers, but somehow he managed to keep himself alive.

So things continued for the next four years. He hunted Callers by day and learned from Adrian at night. He managed to pick up Footprint, though not with Adrian’s aptitude. By the time he was 17 he considered himself a self-made Pokemon, capable of taking care of himself and Adrian, who he was increasingly coming to see as a younger brother, despite his deepest wish for no family.

And then Adrian’s abilities as a Scryer first started showing up. As a member of the Guard, Leonard had been trained to kill any and all Callers without exception. It was the only way to free them from their cursed existence, and only way to protect others from their rampages. So he confronted Adrian. And he failed.

Not because he didn’t have the ability. No, the Riolu was smaller, weaker, and would never raise his paws against Leonard. The Mienfoo failed because he loved Adrian, and he couldn’t bring himself to harm the younger Pokemon. So instead, at risk to himself, Leonard facilitated Adrian’s escape. He ‘loaned’ the Riolu his coat, and sent him out to the world.

To this day he still has not said a word about it. He has only gotten more bloodthirsty, more driven. Each day might be his last. Leonard fears the day that someone will find out that he harbored a Caller, and did not kill them. All it would take is a Guard recognizing Adrian. It has been two years since then, and still that day has not come.

Name: Adrian Popov
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Species: Scryer Riolu
Allegiance: The Circle
Appearance: At 1’11” and 39lbs, Adrian is a runt. Like Leonard, his pelt is faded. A scar runs vertically from his forehead over his right eye to his right cheek. Obviously, his right eye is no longer a thing. He wears a makeshift eye patch overtop it. Taking after the Grandmaster, he wears a shabby black hooded cloak, though he claims to be holding onto it for someone.
Personality: Adrian is a friendly, if distant, young man. His life experiences are etched into his very soul. While not as book smart as Leonard is, Adrian has the know how to make it in general life.

He’s an extreme doormat. Literally anything short of his death is forgivable. While he’s extremely friendly, his quiet demeanor and distant personality make it hard for anyone to get close to him.
Background: Adrian is an orphan. His mother died in childbirth, and his father gave him up for adoption, believing that he wouldn’t be able to properly care for the boy alone. As with all children of the orphanage, he carries the surname Popov, “Son of the Priest”.

Adrian’s quiet demeanor meant that a lot of the children his age never approached him. Instead, he fell in with the older boys, where he met Leonard. Unfortunately, said demeanor, alongside his status as a runt, also dissuaded any potential adopters, and thus it seemed like Adrian would remain in the orphanage until he was of age.

That changed one night, when Adrian was about 11. A child with Caller abilities went berserk. The orphanage burned, and many people died. Adrian himself lost his eye, and fled for his life with Leonard. The older boy joined The Guard, determined to never let such a thing happen again. Once again, Adrian’s quiet demeanor and small stature, as well as his new handicap, dissuaded the Guard from accepting him as well.

So instead, the boy took up reading. He had a fairly good grasp of Footprint by the time he was 13, the knowledge of which he passed onto Leonard. By the time he was 15, he was starting to piece together Unown language as well. Everything seemed to be going well for him.

That was when his abilities as a Scryer first started showing up. By all rights, Leonard should have killed him. However, the Mienfoo couldn’t bring himself to do so. So instead Adrian fled, using Leonard’s black coat to hide himself from the outside world. A few months later, he’d fallen in with The Circle. And with them he remains.
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