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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

"I know..." Ichiru heard Ashley respond, but he didn’t turn his head to look at her as he normally did, instead keeping his gaze on the fire burning in the fireplace. "Even with Klaus half on our side... it still doesn't feel like enough." She paused, and Ichiru felt her slowly turning her head, which brought him to lift his own and look at her just as she locked eyes with him. "I think we should take the children and leave Fells Church."

"You guys can't leave." Before Ichiru could respond or Kiseki, who had heard Ashley‘s words as well, could protest, Diana spoke up and quickly walked into the living room.

"It's too dangerous for us to be here. With Katherine..." Diana shook her head at Ashley’s words.

"No matter where you go, Katherine is always going to be a problem. She could be on the opposite side of the world as you and still target the children and you through that spell. No matter where you go, she'll be able to hurt you." She said as the rest of the group gathered around the couch.

"Then what should we do?" Ashley asked while Caroline sat next to Kiseki.

"We should all stay here and remain together. We're stronger together, and if Katherine tries that spell again then we have Klaus right in town to help us." Diana responded as Kiseki wrapped an arm around Caroline. Ashley looked down for a few moments after the young Witch spoke, and Ichiru still had yet to say a word, although Kiseki had noticed his grip on Scarlet tighten, but not to where he would harm her. "Please don't go... Mason already left town. I don't want you guys to leave too."

"Mason left?" Damon asked as Ashley looked back up to Diana in confusion. Even Ichiru finally tore his gaze away from the fireplace to give her a similar look.

"Where did he go?" Lexi asked.

"He left town to break his Sire Bond, though we can't tell Klaus that. Soon he'll figure out Mason left town, but he might not figure out why." Diana answered.

"Do you think it's possible to break the Sire Bond?" Isobel asked.

"I don't know... but he said he wasn't coming back until it was broken. He wants the Sire Bond to be broken because of our baby, since he can never truly put his child before Klaus, no matter how much he wants to." Diana paused, then looking over to Damon. "Klaus ordered Mason to bite you, and Mason refused, but... something forced him to bite you anyway. It wasn't Mason's fault."

"I still don't like the guy." Damon replied, and Diana sighed.

"You need to get along with him if he comes back."

"Yeah yeah yeah." Damon looked towards the window as he responded.

"I think that we should stay here." Kotomi spoke as Ashley looked over to her. "I'm staying, but if you and Ichiru still want to leave then we all understand. It's just that... Diana is right. We're stronger if we stay together."

"I'm just so terrified for Abigail and Scarlet." Ashley responded.

"We're all here to protect them though." Kol added. "Would you rather be on the other side of the world, or be here with everyone who cares about you?"

"Here..." Ashley admitted.

"Then stay." Caroline said, bringing Ashley to sigh and give a nod.

"Fine, but we have to get rid of Katherine. She didn't keep her word about not returning to Fells Church, so we're going to kill her."

"Don't worry, that little b*tch is going down." Damon said with a smirk as he turned back to her.

"Uncle Damon cursed!" Both toddlers yelled at the same time as they pointed to Damon. Kiseki and Aiden laughed along with everyone else, and even Ichiru couldn’t help but chuckle at the two.

"Sorry." Damon chuckled, leaning down and giving each toddler a kiss on the forehead. Despite the brightened atmosphere, for once neither Kiseki or Aiden could think of anything to say. Ichiru was still quiet, although he seemed better than he had been for the past several minutes. Beneath that, there still seemed to be something wrong, but as the older twin played with Scarlet on his lap, even Kiseki couldn’t tell what it was due to its faintness, which was good enough for the time being.

“Compared to Katherine, Klaus doesn’t seem like that much of a threat anymore…” Aiden spoke his thoughts, bringing everyone’s attention to him. “Especially now that we’ve seen how he cares for the children and will actually protect them.”

“Yeah, you’re right.” Kiseki spoke up as well, deciding not to question Ichiru about his underlying negative emotions. “At least there’s some relief in that case.”
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