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Default Re: General Chat, Help & Questions

Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
Bought everyone items!

Water Stone - Latio - Shellder
Dawn Stone - Cobalt - Kirlia
Icy Rock - Jaye - Eevee
Soothe Bell - Zetsu - Pichu
Thunderstone - Zetsu - Pichu
Moon Stone - Dredd - Munna
Fire Stone - Neku - Pansear
Shiny Stone - Minty - Cinccino
Moon Stone - Minty - Munna
Soothe Bell - Minty - Pichu
Thunderstone - Minty - Pichu
Dusk Stone - Sarah - Murkrow
Soothe Bell - Eti - Swadloon
Moon Stone - Kaoru - Cleffa
Soothe Bell - Studdy - Pichu
Moon Stone - Studdy - Munna
Soothe Bell - Kaoru - Cleffa
Thunderstone - Studdy - Pichu

If you guys didn't want to evolve a certain Pokemon, I hope I can get a refund on these. XD VM me to tell me you want/tell me you didn't want your item!
You definitely need to hope you can refund my item. I already has a Fur Stone.

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