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Default Re: Route 1

Trainer: Steak
you politely request that this impoodent impudent turd step off.

it does
but wait, what's this.
what is THIS?
looks like some dude has made his way over, no doubt attracted to the commotion caused by Lemongrab's righteous fury.
but this is not just some dude. you can only make out this person's shadow in front of the sunset, but GEE this person is HUGE. you are having a hard time deciding whether this is a wandering traveller or some obscure sun deity here to show you the light.
could the dude that scored that Phanpy? you probably should have paid better attention to see what you were dealing with. it looks like you have sworn vengeance against a skyscraping demigod.
you glance over, looking for any body movement that would indicate whether or not this linebacker is going to stampede you.
at first he seems apprehensive of your appearance. ok, fair enough, you're already apprehensive of his stature. then his look turns to one of anxious anticipation.
is this guy.
is this guy going to challenge you to a Pokemon battle or something.
with the legendary Phanpy on his team. oh goodness are you serious-


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