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Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
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Before you can ponder your recent encounter too much, you hear a growling sound slowly getting louder. Could that wolf thing be back?! Blaze steps in front of you protectively.

Something small and grey lunges at Blaze. It looks uncannily like the wolf from earlier, but much smaller. Blaze dodges the attack easily and turns to face the newcomer. Why is it so agitated?!

Wild Poochyena has challenged you! Write a paragraph about the battle if you wanna catch it!

Trainer: Zayna
Currently: Attempting capture

I took a step back, startled by the wild Pokemon’s sudden appearance—and feeling uneasy about its resemblance to the mysterious Trainer’s Pokemon…

The dog lunged again with its teeth bared. Blaze deftly blocked the attack by catching the thing by its head and pushing it back to the ground. The Charmeleon glanced at me, anticipating a command. I shook myself from my stupor, erasing the memory of my encounter from my mind—if but temporarily. I had to focus on the problem at hand—this wild Pokémon attack.

Shaking off Blaze’s claws, the grey wolf-pup leapt at my Pokémon. This time, he succeeded in clamping his jaws around Blaze’s wrist. The Charmeleon cried out in pain.

“Blaze!” I gasped. Get your act together, I sharply scolded myself. Tightening my focus, I gave a quick command, “Fire Fang!”

Blaze lifted his arm—along with the dog—and sank his own teeth into the deranged mutt. However, fire licked at his teeth; the moment they were buried in its fur, smoke started rising. The dog let out a pained cry and promptly released Blaze, who in turn flung it away with a twist of his head.

Leaves crackled as the creature landed hard; however, it was not down and out. Snarling, it shot Blaze a glare as it rose back onto its feet. The fur on its back was singed black where Blaze had had a hold on him.

What was up with this thing? I wondered uneasily. I couldn’t understand why it was so bent on challenging us—unless… Was it covering for that mysterious Trainer? But why? It looked fairly wild to me, although it did resemble that wolf-thing… I wasn’t sure what was going on, but the recent encounter got me thinking. Biting my lip, I pulled out my C-gear.

I had discovered with some of my battles with other Trainers that this C-gear had a PokéDex integrated into it. I turned to that now, letting the system identify the wild Pokémon for me.

The Bite Pokémon
Dark Type
A Pokemon with a persistent nature, it chases its chosen prey until the prey becomes exhausted.

Persistent, huh? I mused. I guess that explains why it was still after us. But why was it after us in the first place? Why were we its “chosen” pray?

The Poochyena barked harshly and started racing towards Blaze once again. It seemed ready to launch another Bite attack—but this time, we were ready.

“Blaze, Dragon Rage!”

The Charmeleon took a step forward and opened his jaws, letting a stream of blue and yellow fire towards the charging wolf pup. Its eyes widened in surprise, but it was too late for it to change course. Though it hit the brakes, it barreled right into the fire. It skidded across the forest floor, sliding through Blaze’s attack before coming to a stop before the reptile’s feet. Smoke rose from its fur, and it looked pretty dazed.

I knew that if I was going to stop this thing from chasing us, I had to catch it. Seeing my chance, I dug through my bag and pulled out a red and white Poke Ball.

“Watch out, Blaze,” I warned before tossing the capsule at the downed Poochyena.

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