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Name: Joeseph Swift
Link: Krookodile

Alex shrugged. Although she knew she could hit harder, she tried not to show off, and she still caused a bit of a mess. She turned her attention to a Flygon that had entered with a trainer who showed multiple Pokemon. The Flygon was returned to a Pokeball before they could actually communicate.

"Well, I also considered napalming the crowd with a repitition of Sludge Bomb or shaking them with Earthquake, but the quake would damage buildings... not to mention I'd fall on my face, and the Sludge Bomb. Well I don't need that kind of a mess. You know people thrown all over... toxic sludge covering the street... cause diseases and poison people... Yeah, I am glad I went with Sandstorm on that one." Joseph stopped for a moment. "Purrloin? It is actually quite adorable." Joseph took a moment to consider the small Pokemon. He was somewhat surprised seeing the not-to formidable pokemon.

Joseph turned his attention to a trainer who had just walked in. He examined this trainer unsure of what Pokemon this person was going to use. He did think too much about it and returned his gaze to the trainer he was talking to.

Name: Gerald Benson
Link: Ariados

Gerald stood not really caring about the answer Freddie was going to give. His Ariados began breaking down the competition. Scorn really only cared about those he may have a disadvantage to or advantage over. The Blaziken gave the Ariados a really bad feeling. The Gallade psychic abilities worried him a little. He ignored the electric types. He gave up quickly because there seemed to be a limited amount of Pokemon he had an advantage over. His best retaliation would have to be his venom.
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