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Kyle Denmark
Link: Cryogonal

Jacob ignored my question in favor of apologizing. This surprised me so much that I didn’t even get annoyed at it. Nobody had ever apologized to me without being told to; at least, not that I remembered...

“D-don’t worry about it,” I said, grinning slightly. “It’s, err, nice to meet you, Jacob.”

I almost groaned at my own attempt at conversing. I hadn’t had a face-to-face conversation I didn’t run away from since I was eleven, so it goes without saying that I was bad at it. I knew, though, that I had to introduce myself after he did. I wasn’t going to do that.

“So, I, err, assume you wanna speak about something?” I asked.

As I spoke I messed with Frostbite’s luxury ball, doing such things as spinning it and tossing it up and down. Messing with things like that was how I dealt with stress, and having a conversation was stressful to me.

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