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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

“Compared to Katherine, Klaus doesn’t seem like that much of a threat anymore…” Aiden spoke after a few moments of silence, bringing everyone’s attention to him. “Especially now that we’ve seen how he cares for the children and will actually protect them.”

“Yeah, you’re right.” Kiseki responded. “At least there’s some relief in that case.”

"Don't let Klaus find out we don't think he's much a threat anymore." Caroline said with a small laugh, resting her head against Kiseki's chest. "He'll end up wanting to prove us wrong."

"I know." Stefan sighed, wrapping his arms around Lexi as Damon did the same with Diana.

"Nine months feels like such a long time." Damon said as he brushed a finger along Diana's stomach.

"I wish the baby was here now." Diana responded with a laugh. Caroline smiled, though she couldn't help but look down a few moments later as her smile faded away, sorrow clearly on her face and could be felt in her aura.

"Are you okay?" Ashley asked as she looked over to Caroline, Scarlet and Abigail deciding to get off the couch to play with the puppy.

"It's nothing." Caroline quickly said as she looked over to Ashley, but the brunette shook her head.

"I can tell when you're lying, even when we were humans. What's wrong?" Ashley asked, all eyes falling to the blonde.

"Well... Kiseki and I want to adopt a baby but our lives are too dangerous." Caroline blurted out, the group looking at her in shock besides Isobel, who had already known.

"You want to adopt a baby?" Kol asked, bringing Caroline to nod.

"Vampires aren't able to have children, and the only exception for Ashley is that she's a Doppelganger and a Vampire/Angel Hybrid... she's truly one of a kind, which is why she's the only one able to have children with other Supernatural beings. Kiseki and I aren't able to have children of our own, so we thought adopting a baby would be the best thing to do. But with Katherine..." Caroline trailed off, looking out the window.

"We're going to kill Katherine, so it will honestly be safe for you and Kiseki to adopt a baby." Ashley added, Caroline looking back over to her.

"What if a new threat decides to make itself known? What if James decides to come back to town like Katherine did?" Caroline asked. Ashley stood up and walked over to the other couch, sitting down next to Caroline and took her hand, giving it a light squeeze.

"Listen to me, you were the one who just said for me and Ichiru to stay in town so we can protect each other, well the same thing applies to you. We're all here for each other, and if you and Kiseki want to adopt a baby, then we're all going to be here for you. If a threat does come, then we'll fight it off, because that's what we always do. We'll win, and everything will be fine." Ashley said with a smile. Caroline leaned over and wrapped her arms around Ashley, bringing the brunette to do the same.

"Thank you." Caroline said.

"Well if you guys are planning on having a baby then we need to go baby shopping!" Lexi said with excitement, bringing Caroline to release Ashley and laugh. "Are you guys going to adopt a boy or a girl?"

"We haven't talked about the gender or anything yet." Caroline laughed.

"Hurry up and decide! Let's go to the store right now!" Lexi responded with a smile.

"I think I might know where this is going." Stefan said with a chuckle, bringing Lexi to look over to him. "You're going to fall in love with the baby stuff and then want to adopt a baby as well. I can see it perfectly already." Stefan laughed.

"That's not true..." Lexi said. Stefan just gave her a look, bringing Lexi to sigh. "Okay maybe..."

"I swear, within six months everyone in this house is going to be adopting a baby." Damon said with a chuckle, looking over to Kotomi. "Even you." Kotomi quickly looked over to Aiden for a moment and then looked down, a blush instantly burning her cheeks as everyone laughed.

A few days had gone by as Caroline and Damon walked down to the basement and opened the cell's door which contained her father, Ashley and most of the group upstairs helping Abigail and Scarlet with their homework. Bill was now tied down to a chair in his cell, Caroline not wanting to take any chances of him attacking when they tested his blood for Vervain.

"So Bill, I hear you're into the whole 'daddy torture daughter' thing." Damon said sarcastically.

"I was trying to help her." Bill growled.

"Well, if there's anyone who doesn't need help, it's your annoying, control-freak of a daughter." Damon said as he leaned down and looked Bill right in the eyes.

"Hey!" Caroline said, crossing her arms. Damon didn't say anything in response to her however, his eyes changing as his fangs pierced out of his gums. He dug his fangs deeply into Bill's neck and made sure not to be gentle, wanting the bite to hurt as Bill winced. Damon leaned back a few moments later, tasting Bill's blood and nodded.

"Yup, he's Vervain-free." Damon said, looking over to Caroline as his face went back to normal.

"Erase his memory then." Caroline said with a nod, Damon turning back to Bill and slowly began to circle around the chair.

"Bill, I have a question. What makes you think you can change the basic nature of a Vampire?" Damon asked, having the urge to just kill him for what he had done to Caroline.

"The mind is a powerful tool... it can be trained, and re-trained. You just have to be strong enough." Bill responded as he locked eyes with Caroline, who shook her head and rolled her own eyes.

"I completely agree." Damon said as he stood in front of Bill and leaned down, placing both of his hands on Bill's shoulders and gave him a smirk. " I actually happen to love mind-control, so..." Bill looked away but Damon grabbed him by the jaw and turned his head, forcing Bill to look into Damon's eyes as he used Compulsion. "You will leave town immediately. All you remember is that you came to town to visit some friends, and now you're leaving and aren't coming back. Do you understand?" Damon said, a growl clearly in his tone.

"I understand." Bill said in a trance-like state.

"Good." Damon said, undoing the ropes that tied Bill down. "Now get out of our damn house." Damon growled, Bill standing up and walking out of the cell as Caroline and Damon followed.

"Thank you." Caroline said, bringing Damon to nod.
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