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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

(Blue Teams Max is really Red..LOL..just used the name to throw off everyone)

The Spirit pauses for a moment

Markus continues to watch

"Wait, Max, what the heck?!" Meghan says, standing up "Don't just let him take whatever he wants!"

Max nods,
"Listen Meg...This isnt personal."

He pauses
"Also, My name isnt Max...Its Red."
Red walks up Koga handing over the Silph Scope. Koga uses the Scope to bring the Sprite into light.

Koga uses the time to head further up the building. Max steps in front of them.
"I guess I owe you an explanation."

"Oh you bet you do..." Meghan growls, feeling her heart sink as she gripped Winston's pokeball. She had half a mind to let out the Persian and let him give Max...Red a good beating.

This started long before San Rios.
" I was sent to hunt down the person known as Dredd. I followed his path of destruction through Kanto. With no real idea of where he was going to appear next we matches you people to his random appearances. I just missed the S.S. Anna, which was lucky I guess. I made it to San Rios Island with re-enforcement's. We cornered Dredd in the museum. " Red gets angry
"we didnt stand a chance ! He took out the whole unit. That bastar* knocked me to the side with ease. I watched that kid run in trying to stop him...I saw what happened to him, next thing I no the building is coming down..I felt like I died. A bright light came over me."

"How the h*ll did you get so friendly with them, then?" Meghan nods towards the way Koga had gone, trying her best to keep the feeling of betrayal from leaving her voice. She had been hurt before, but she thought Red was different.

Red speaks up
"let me finish please. When I woke up Brandon was pulling me out of the rocks. I had no idea who I was or where I cam from. I didnt recognize anyone but Misty and right away she made it seem like we knew it other. I tried to adjust to this "new " life but it seems things couldnt be. Once I got my Pdex back I was shocked to find that I was not who I thought I was. Not only that. I had been carrying around a bag of saw me. Almost all of the pokemon in it were stolen! So looking at the Pokedex something flashed back to me. So I used Nidorina to start a sand storm and I slipped Brandon one of the stolen pokeballs..."

Meghan clenches her fist as she continues to speak, a glimmer of tears in her eyes. Finally, she slams her fist into Red's cheek, knocking him back into the opposite wall "You b*stard! I thought I could trust you!!"

Her voice is choked, as if she is trying to hold back the sadness that has filled her.

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